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HDPE Fishing Nets

commercial fishing net company

Commercial fishing nets are used world wide for fishing in different methods as gill nets, trawl nets, cast nets, entanglement nets, purse seine nets, surrounding nets, stake net, trammel net, drift net, etc., We fishing nets manufacturer since 2008. Among these methods, gill nets are practiced more than others. We are producing major type of fishing net with best quality yarns.

Meethirai Exports - Fishing Nets Manufacturer

commercial fishing net company

We manufacture fishing nets in PA nylon, PE from best quality of yarns. Meethirai brand is one of the most popular brand in Tamil Nadu and all over India. With modern technologies and timely delivery gave us a huge success in the market of commercial fishing net. Then, started the exporting business to other countries, before that we made a strong basement in the inland sales. Now, also made our goal in export business.

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