M&S Window Cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable window cleaning service that can help you keep your windows shiny clean? Finding a service that you can trust with your time and money can be a challenge. At M & S Window Cleaning, we offer our customers a seamless glass window and door cleaning services for reasonable prices. Our knowledge, experience and effective cleaning techniques allow us to deliver unmatched service to all our customers. Whether you need window cleaning services for your home or office, give us a call, and our window cleaning team will be there. For details, visit our website.

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Euroteck Systems UK Ltd

Euroteck is a leading supplier of non-destructive testing equipment for sophisticated machinery and systems. In case you need non-invasive testing equipment for a specific industrial or aerospace application, we can provide bespoke solutions to meet your needs and quality standards. We also provide on-site calibration and repair for your NDT instruments to make sure they work as intended and deliver accurate outcomes. If your NDT equipment is broken or needs replacement, our team of engineers will be happy to offer on-site assistance to save you the time and hassles.

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Lewisa Fur Woman Ltd

Does your dog bark unnecessarily? Do you have an overexcited dog? Lewisa Furwoman is happy to help you with all your dog training needs. We offer professional dog training to help you and your dog develop a better relationship. We use a unique 'Nature-Nurture' approach to training. Every dog’s temperament is different, that’s why we specialise in bespoke dog owner training. Our services are available in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire. We offer daily, weekly or even just 'one-off' dog walking services. We also provide remote Facetime support!

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Discount-Licensing Ltd

Switch to cost-effective software licensing solutions with Discount Licensing. We deal in recycling of surplus/ disused Microsoft software licenses in EU/ EEA. We provide surplus Microsoft software to organizations experiencing license shortfall and trade for discounted software who have migrated to a new version or cloud environment. Thus sell your software license or buy the used ones from Microsoft registered partners at affordable prices and reduce business expenditure on our SSLC web portal.

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Reflex Planning Solutions

When running a business, things may fall out of place. Which is why you need an assistant to have everything put together and working in order. Reflex Business Planning provides an affordable, end-to-end S&Op software that helps you gather market insights, manage inventory and forecast demand to deliver exactly what your customers want and how they want it. With production scheduling and resource optimisation, you can reduce cost and wastage while increasing productivity gains.

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