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Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins

But you don’t have to live with the appearance or discomfort of varicose veins when a safe, effective treatment such as sclerotherapy addresses the condition so easily. In the privacy of your New Jersey vein doctor’s office, receive sclerotherapy for varicose veins with no downtime. At the NYC center for a varicose vein — with multiple locations in Parsippany, Old Bridge and Sayreville — you’re treated with a level of service second to none. Between the extensive experience and training of Dr.

Hair Restoration

Losing hair, at any age, is a psychologically challenging process. Some people lose their hair rapidly and others lose it slowly over time. While it may seem hopeless at times, there are treatment options that can help. Advanced hair restoration is available for men and women.

What Types of Hair Restoration Are Available?
Common Areas Treated
The head is the most common area for non-surgical hair restoration and hair restoration surgery. Other areas on the body can also be treated, such as:

Tonsil Surgery

Frequent episodes of tonsillitis might be a reason you need to have a tonsillectomy. Other symptoms of tonsillitis include fever, trouble swallowing, and swollen glands around your neck. Your tonsil doctor in New Jersey may notice that your throat is red and your tonsils are covered in a whitish or yellow coating.

The tonsils are often removed along with the adenoid glands. That surgery is called adenoidectomy and is most often done in children.

NYC Vascular Disease Screening

A vascular ultrasound is safe, noninvasive, effective, and painless. (It’s the same technology used to image babies in the womb of pregnant women.)

This cardiac test is primarily used to determine if an individual has significant plaque in the carotid artery which would increase the risk of stroke.

Vascular disease screening is a painless, noninvasive test.

The ultrasound takes about 30 minutes to complete. Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the registration process.


An echocardiogram is performed by a highly skilled cardiac technician and usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. The patient lies on an exam table and an ultrasound probe is placed on the chest and two-dimensional pictures produced. This cardiac test can indicate heart chamber or valve abnormalities. Your cardiology close by specialist of NYC cardiologist Dr. Reisman later reports on the findings and the results are usually available within two days.

Cancer screening

Usually, colorectal cancer develops from small polyps found in the colon or rectum. Regular screening can detect these polyps, removing them before they become cancerous. Regular screenings usually begin at age 45 (or earlier based on risk factors). Please speak with your doctor about the appropriate screening regimen as guidelines change and your doctor will need to investigate your risk factors before making a recommendation.

You might need to be tested earlier if you have a family history of:

Heel spur surgery

Your heel is the primary exit point for the vertical forces travelling through your body. Each time you walk, run and jump, the heel is absorbing the shock of the body weight above and the ground force below. Thus it is no surprise so many people suffer from chronic heel pain. The most common cause of heel pain is a plantar fasciitis with or without the presence of a heel spur. Plantar fasciitis is caused by the pulling of a thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your forefoot.

Anal pap smear

Any person who is at an increased risk for developing anal cancer should have anal pap smear to evaluate for possible cell changes that have the potential to develop into anal cancer. Risk factors include:

Seborrheic dermatitis

A very common skin condition, seborrheic dermatitis affects more than three million people every year. It causes itchy, red skin or rashes with white scales. If you have this condition, you’ll find it on your scalp, face, forehead, and on the folds of skin around your nose, eyes, ears and eyelids. When it appears on your body, you’ll see it on the folds of the skin including under your arms, below your breasts and around your groin, buttocks and navel. On an infant’s scalp, seborrhea is called cradle cap.

Sclerotherapy in Brooklyn NY

How Does It Work?
A local anesthetic might be used at the injection site, but sedation is not required. A small needle is used to inject fluid into a vein causing it to swell shut or collapse, and the blocked blood supply reroutes to other veins.
Pressure is then applied to the treatment site to ensure the vein remains closed. Patients typically walk very soon after the vein treatment and usually return to their daily routine.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Hair loss has always been considered a male problem; however, statistics show that women are also likely to lose their hair as they age. The majority of women who lose their hair notice it in their 50s, but it might happen at any age and is affected by different reasons.

PRP Hair Loss Restoration, Treatment | Midtown NYCThe causes of hair loss are different, and the most common ones are listed below:

Exfoliation & Microdermabrasion

Gorgeous, glowing skin is the first thing others notice about you — and the first thing you see when you look in the mirror every day. Your overall health and good spirits can add to that soft glow, but sometimes you need a little more help achieving the smooth skin you’d love to have.

Everyday life and exposure to sun, wind and tiny pollutants in the air can make your skin feel rough, dry and flaky. Your skin can start to appear dull and lifeless, belying the vibrant person you really are.

Nerve Block Injections in NYC

Before giving you the nerve block injection, your doctor has to be reasonably sure the targeted area is where your pain is coming from. That determination is not as easy as you may suppose, since pain in your body has a tendency to radiate to other areas. Leg or foot pain, for example, may originate in your lower back or your pelvis.

Who Needs a Nerve Block Injection?
Chronic pain sufferers represent the largest group to benefit from nerve blocks, but you can benefit if:

Nerve Block Injections in NYC

Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment

Radiofrequency ablation, like the name infers, is a procedure that relies on electric current and radio waves to produce enough heat to significantly disrupt the normal flow of the pain and sensations that flow through your nerves. Radiofrequency ablation for back pain is the most common use for the radiofrequency ablation procedure by your Midtown Manhattan sports medicine and pain management doctor.

Knees physical therapy in Brooklyn

Like your feet and hips, your knees provide essential mobility. When you suffer a knee injury or illness, it limits your life and causes pain. Fortunately, physical therapy for knee pain can reduce or eliminate the pain while strengthening the joint. And for knee replacement patients, physical therapy speeds your healing time. Get back to your daily routines. Return to an unlimited active lifestyle. Visit Brooklyn Physical Therapy center for a thorough exam, targeted knee pain treatments, and physical rehab.

Prolotherapy Injections

Non-surgical prolotherapy injections treat damaged ligaments and tendons from the inside out. The term “prolotherapy” is the shortened form of “proliferation therapy,” indicating that the procedure encourages the proliferation of healing cells and tissues. When the ligaments or tendons in your back are stretched or torn, the joint connected to them can become destabilized and painful. The best NYC prolotherapy doctor promotes a healing response in small tears and weakened tissue through this procedure.

Dental Crown

What Are Dental Caps Made Of?
You have choices when it comes to what type of dental crown you get. Your dentist knows your dental history as well as your lifestyle preferences and budget restraints, so he can make the best recommendation.

Choices for teeth crowns include:


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