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A.D. Patil (ID: 1234) Manmad

A.K.Biswas (ID: 616) Calcutta

A.R.Shaikh (ID: 804) Ahmedabad

A.S. Gupta (ID: 401) Bangalore

A.V. Arya (ID: 1693) Delhi

We seldom seeks services of notaries public, it happens once in a blue moon. For example, notarization is required only when an affidavit / document / certificate attestation requested for legal purpose. Many of us even not aware what services notaries give to the society. Dictionary says "Someone legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document's validity and to take depositions".

Now-a-days, in consideration of increased demand for legal safety, authorities insist getting certified or attested by Notaries on documents and certificates that comes into legal importance. In such cases, the signature must be done verified in-front-of a Notary as to the person and signature are genuine, comes from single entity so that the agreement can be accepted and recorded.