Training and Coaching Services

In the new world that is emerging, responsive and creative talent is of immeasurable value. In this competitive environment we look at ways to motivate and manage employees in order to retain them and increase productivity.

Skill Enhancer aims to facilitate companies in the complex task of developing and maintaining competitive advantage, ensuring growth and survival in the market, through the design and delivery of the highest standards of professional Training and Consultancy.

Skill Enhancer is committed to the development of your organization by helping achieve high performance by managing the workforce as a competitive asset.

We believe that, knowledge and action are the two critical components of success. All individuals, corporate and teams, who want to be successful needs mastery above these two components. We help participants uncover the strategies, which enable them to make the most of the hidden opportunities in life.

By Leveraging the pragmatic, in-depth business management and professional experience of our consulting associates, we act as influential catalyst to help corporate’s achieve & sustain performance enhancement. We further offer our clients our expertise by developing highly effective learning systems, tools, and action based workshops & consulting Services.

Skill Enhancer acts as  change facilitator helping organization identify their training needs and working partnership with them to design interventions that will be best suited to the needs , in a  flexible and cost effective way.

The truly successful corporate learning program is actually a process. Once a successful model is in place, and the corporate culture is one that encourages learning and innovation–where knowledge is valued at all levels throughout the organization–the company needs to actively sustain and protect it. Perpetual improvement through new learning and insight requires an organization committed to its employees’ lifelong learning.

Skill Enhancer uses a wide variety of metrics to assess the value of learning in an effort to directly Connect learning programs to short- and long-term business improvements.