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PARENTNashik is a brand to help you to find resistance welding consumables, weldparts spares, projection welding electrodes at OneStop for your spot welders and robotic welding backed by manufacturer – Paramount Enterprises located in Nashik – India.

Resistance welding electrodes - Paramount Enterprises

PARENTNashik offers spot welding electrodes tips in different shape, style with threaded or taper as per international standards made in Chromium copper zirconium -C-18150 - group-A for spot welding gun, portable rocker arm welders & robotics gun.
PARENTNashik Electrodes types – Cap tip, straight, single & double bend electrodes, threaded – screwed, composite, crank, swivel, nut & stud, projection, tungsten & tungsten copper faced, BS807 electrode tips, flat, centre, offset, angle offset, cranked, spade, jobbing, reducing, ISO electrode tips, PSA style electrodes& many more.

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