NYC Vascular Disease Screening

The New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center offers Carotid Vascular Ultrasound testing (sometimes referred to as a “duplex study”) of the carotid arteries which is a simple, safe and painless in-office test that produces pictures of blood circulation using sound waves.

A vascular ultrasound is safe, noninvasive, effective, and painless. (It’s the same technology used to image babies in the womb of pregnant women.)

This cardiac test is primarily used to determine if an individual has significant plaque in the carotid artery which would increase the risk of stroke.

Vascular disease screening is a painless, noninvasive test.

The ultrasound takes about 30 minutes to complete. Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the registration process.

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A Vascular Ultrasound is performed by our specially trained technologists after consultation with the best in class NYC cardiologist close by Dr. Reisman and may be used to evaluate one or more of the following conditions:

Blood flow in the arteries to detect the presence, severity, and specific location of a narrowed area of the arteries
Those who are at increased risk of stroke or TIA
Those with cardiovascular risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or a strong family history of heart attack or stroke
Those with a history of lightheadedness or fainting also known as syncope
Doctor’s Note: Cigarette smoking may change the results of a vascular ultrasound because nicotine can cause the arteries to shrink (constrict). Please try not to smoke for a few hours before your test.

If you have any questions for the best in class NYC cardiologist or would like to schedule a consultation or appointment please feel free to contact Dr. Steven Reisman of the New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center and indicate which Manhattan office (Upper East Side, Midtown Manhattan, or Wall Street / Financial District) you would like to see the cardiologist for a cardiac consultation.

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