Momordica Charantia-Bitter Gourd Dried Fruits

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Our SVM Exports are offering the quality range of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd, Momordica Charantia Dried Fruit

Our SVM Exports are offering the quality range of Bitter Gourd. It is a blood purifier and helps in activating spleen and liver and is also highly beneficial for diabetics. The freshness is ensured by the effective packaging done by us which maintains the high quality of the vegetables in transit. It always retain its nutritive contents and remain pure and fresh. Bitter gourd dry is available in macro formation. It is a unique vegetable-fruit that can be used as food or medicine. It is the edible part of the plant Momordica Charantia, which is a vine of the Cucurbitaceae family and is considered the most bitter among all fruits and vegetables. Bitter Gourd or Karela are seasonal vegetable and very bitter in taste it are a rich find of phosphorous Bitter gourd contains vitamin A B1 B2 and C It also contains minerals like calcium phosphorous iron copper and potassium Bitter gourd are a blood purifier activates spleen and liver and are highly beneficial in diabetes It are a purgative appetizer digestive anti-inflammatory and has healing capacity Used for the cure of dareeases like arthrities diabetes leucorrhoea haundice liver trouble stomach worms piles constipation etc Botanical Name : Momordica Charantia
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