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Clove oil is an Indian spice that adds flavor while cooking, treats health conditions. From a long time clove is used in both traditional Chinese & Ayurveda medicine to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight bacteria.

Clove oil is obtained from the dried flower buds of the plant. Its scent has warm and spicy tones, gently gathers our wayward thoughts, and restores a sense of clarity.

Let’s know about the clove benefits on health well being

It is the best remedy for toothache & dental pain; these are used in treating tooth pain. It is the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of cloves that treat dental pain and swelling.

• This oil balances blood sugar; it improves glucose level.
• It is used for treating acne & reducing redness & swelling.
• This oil has anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria growth.
• Clove has eugenol that helps to improve liver functioning & promote optimal liver health.
• It improves bone health as it has an abundant amount of manganese that promotes bone growth and mineral density.
• It is used for stomach ulcers as it helps in the production of gastric mucus.

Other Benefits:
Emotional Support : Clove oil acts as a mental stimulant & has the effects of clarifying thoughts. It acts as an analgesic for the heart giving us space to work through difficult emotions without being distracted or influenced by painful feelings such as guilt or shame.

Immune & Digestion Support : This oil has a warming & calming influence on the digestive system. It helps to treat intestinal spamming, cramps & winds. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It is used to protect the skin from fungal infections of the skin & bugs that affect the digestive system.

Pain Relief : It is used as a massage blend as it has analgesic, warming, and anti-inflammatory nature. It is useful for treating tired & fatigued muscles, old injuries & helps to relieve pain and improve mobility to arthritic joints.

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