Wanted Associate Business Partner in Major cities in Tamilnadu...!

14 May, 2019

We are looking for young candidates who love outdoor activities and love to take ascending roads to high altitudes, go and meet various Section Head of the department in school and colleges to discuss and finalize the Educational/study/Industrial Visit Tour for Students group and have extremely good presence of mind.
MINIMUM Qualification: Any Degree
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Knowledge of tourism industry, Knowledge of Local places, Must be a self-starter and computer literate and have own vehicle with driving License and Experience in marketing presentations with more accountability Criteria. Willing to travel everyday to meet various customers, schools and colleges and brief about the tour activities/educational/study/Industrial visit tour. Demonstrated skills in planning, organization and effective communication skills (English, Hindi, and Tamil) are essential.
• Reliability -Able to commit to being a business partner with self confidence and self belief.
• The Ability to Build Strong Relationships- who’s well-connected could be a smart move.
• Creativity- someone who can consistently come up with original and fresh ideas.
• Open-Mindedness- Ability to keep an open mind.
• Comfort with Risk- someone who can strike a balance between taking risks and being cautious.
• Passion-Willing to work hard or do whatever it takes to meet the goals.

Organization Name: 
Career Impressions,103,Shetye House, Main Lane 5, Khadpabandh,Ponda-Goa-403401
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