Application Form for Duplicate Ration Card, Kerala

Ration card has an important role on every Indian Household particularly upto middle class family. I doubt upper class family has any use of it. Upper class family may obtain it because it can be used as an authorized ID proof or Address proof. Middle class and lower class house hold are being used to get their rationing articles and other Govt. benefits. All these reasons make ration card an important and valuable document in India.

Application Form for Duplicate Ration Card, Kerala

There are reasons duplicate Ration cards issued by Civil Supplies Department, Kerala. They are:

  1. Lost: Ration card has been lost somewhere and unable to recollect how it has happened.
  2. Damaged: Ration card has been damaged while keeping or using.
  3. Stolen: Ration card has been stolen from house or somewhere else.

If any one of the reasons given above applicable to your case, you can apply for a duplicate ration card from concerned TSO / CRO. Except damage of ration card (second in the list), you have to first report it to your nearest police station and get the acknowledgement. If it's damaged and part of ration card is with you, produce it as a proof with your application. Then download and take printout of the application form for duplicate ration card. Fill relevant details, attach supporting documents and submit to your TSO / CRO. After verifying the details you will be issued a new but duplicate ration card to you which will enable you to collect your rationing articles from ration card.

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My ration card was lost in an accident. How to get a duplicate in-place of my lost ration card?

On the basis of COVID 19 crisis, please make it possible to apply for duplicate card online. (without going to Akshaya Centre)