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Ericson Dental - Santa Barbara

Proudly serving dental patients in Santa Barbara & Lompoc, CA with cosmetic, general, and sedation dentistry for the entire family.

At Ericson Dental in Santa Barbara, we offer family and general dentistry using the latest in dental technology. Our practice is equipped to serve all of our patients' needs from a routine checkup to cosmetic dentistry and even emergency situations. Our dentists and highly trained staff are here to make all of your dental visits as comfortable as possible

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Good Heart Recovery

Good Heart exists to serve the Santa Barbara community and all who seek the type of help we provide at the lowest possible cost for the highest quality of care. We’ve worked diligently to partner with multiple insurance companies who have vetted our program and agreed to allow us to treat their members at little to no cost, paying for all services we provide.

Timing: Mon - Sun Open 24 hours

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Le Reve Organic Spa & Boutique

Green Spas are Naturally Healthy By limiting toxins in their skin care products and in their spa’s environment, Le Reve provides a healthier experience. Green Spas are More Relaxing By putting aside the stressors of modern life – including noise, pollution, toxins and waste Le Reve is able to offer a more balanced and relaxing experience. Le Reve Treatments are More Effective Synthetically derived skincare products may produce quick results, but they might also cause damage. Natural treatments are gentler and help ensure long-term health and beauty.

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Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.

Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. will attract and retain the highest quality people and will empower them through communication, training, and guidance. With hard work, a passionate commitment to excellence, and persistence without exception, we will collectively accomplish something extraordinary that could not have been done individually.

Address - 1828 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

Phone no - 805-563-1100

Timing - Monday To Friday 8am–6pm, Sat - Sun Closed

Website -

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Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc

Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc are many Santa Barbara home loans out there. We’ll work closely together to find the right one for you. Whether you want to buy a home, refinance your mortgage, or invest in real estate, our team can help. As one of the most established Santa Barbara mortgage lenders, we also have access to top home loan investors, giving you the most competitive rates and terms for the mortgage you choose.

Address - 1826 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

Phone no - 805-563-1100

Timing - Monday To Friday 8:30am–5pm, Sat - Sun Closed

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