Spices Export

Spices,Red Chilies,Cardamom, Cashew Nuts

We Mansar Corporate Pvt Ltd export fresh vegetables, nuts, spices, coir products, safety matches, rice etc., Our company has emerged as one among the leading merchant exporters from India. Total customer satisfaction is the main focus of the company. We are equipped with a state-of-art manufacturing unit and production facility.


Effimax Solar

Effimax is an established solar company headed by professionals having 20+ years experience in solar drying technology. It has got the state-of-the-art facility to manufacture high-quality solar driers. Effimax solar dryers are extensively used in different sectors across the country.

Enormous potential of solar energy can be harnessed with high end Effimax driers, which results in substantial reduction of fossil fuel consumption towards food processing. Our solar products are cost effective, obsessed with quality and having excellent customer service backup.


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