Youth Clubs In Thrissur District Affiliated To Kerala State Youth Welfare Board

Youth Clubs In Thrissur District Affiliated To Kerala State Youth Welfare Board

Country’s Unity, Integrity and Prosperity grows with support and help of youth in the nation. They represent hope and future of the nation. If youth are not conscious about the social needs and social evils, the unity and prosperity may get damaged to some extend. To avoid such situation youth through out the country to be participated nation building projects and related activities.

To be more clear, youth clubs are the key point to foster such actions in our country. NYK, a national level Govt. agency promoting youth clubs and other youth movements coordinate and promote most of youth's programmes. The complete list can be searched here.

List of Youth Clubs affiliated to Kerala State Youth Welfare Board In Thrissur District. List has name of the youth club with post office name, registration number, date and affiliation number.

Dynamos Sporting Club, Devi Building, Dwaraka Road, Kodakara Post Office

Registration Number: 170/2001

Registration Date: 14.02.2001

Affiliation Number: H001

Anjoor Grameena Vayanasala, Althoor, Chittanjoor Post Office

Registration Number: 2589/95

Registration Date: 20.07.95

Affiliation Number: H002

Yuvajana Kala Vedi Arts & Sports Club, Kadappuram Post Office, Arangadi

Registration Number: 535/88

Affiliation Number: H003

Friends Arts & Sports Club, Pannisseri, Koonamoochi Post Office

Registration Number: 283/84

Registration Date: 05.12.84

Affiliation Number: H004

Brain Society, Mala Post Office, PIN Code: 680 732

Registration Number: 40/85

Registration Date: 13.02.1985

Affiliation Number: H005

Yuvathara Arts & Sports Club, IV/154.A, Chazhur Post Office

Registration Number: 210/84

Affiliation Number: H006

Methala Souhruda Vedi, Kandamkulam Post Office, PIN Code - Kodungallur: 680 669

Registration Number: 52/90

Affiliation Number: H007

Renachethana Arts & Sports Club, Kottikkal, Azheekode Post Office, Kodungallur

Registration Number: 1002/98

Affiliation Number: H008

Strength of Edavilangu, Edavilangu Post Office, PIN Code - 680671

Registration Number: 669/97

Registration Date: 26.11.97

Affiliation Number: H009

Cover Point Arts & Sports Club, Padakkulam, Kodungallur: 680664

Registration Number: 28/95

Registration Date: 11.01.95

Affiliation Number: H010

Kalasrishty Arts Club, Eriyad Post Office, Kodungallur

Registration Number: 335/90

Affiliation Number: H011

Pacs Kottappuram, Kottappuram Post Office, PIN Code - 680667

Registration Number: 226/94

Affiliation Number: H012

Tharangam Kala Kayika Samskarika Vedi, Kottappuram Post Office, Kotta, Kodungallur

Registration Number: 958/99

Registration Date: 26.11.99

Affiliation Number: H013

Sea Star Arts, Pay Bazar, Eriyad Post Office, PIN Code - 680666

Registration Number: 230/86

Affiliation Number: H014

Muhammed Abdurahman Memmorial Library & Club, M.A.Nagar, Eriyad Post Office, PIN Code - 680666

Registration Number: 08/KDR/1133

Affiliation Number: H015

Yuvajana Kala Samithi, Fathima Shopping Complex, Kottekkad Post Office, Kuttoor.13

Registration Number: 64/84

Affiliation Number: H016

Yuvadharsana Kala Vedi & Reading Room, Ullissery, Vaduthala, Anjoor Post Office

Registration Number: 163/97

Registration Date: 19.03.07

Affiliation Number: H017

Grameena Vayanasala, Arthat, Arthat Post Office, Kunnamkulam

Registration Number: 2098/95

Registration Date: 20.07.95

Affiliation Number: H018

Sarga Kala Kayika Samskarika Vedi, Kurukkan Para, Kunnamkulam

Registration Number: 941/99

Affiliation Number: H019

Lucky Star Arts & Sports Club, Akalad, Akalad Post Office

Registration Number: 885/98

Registration Date: 01.07.98

Affiliation Number: H020

Casco Kerala Vedi Attapuram, Punnayurkulam.679541

Registration Number: 447/89

Registration Date: 31.05.89

Affiliation Number: H021

Sarga Kala Kayika Vedi, Brahmakulam Post Office, PIN Code - Thycaud via: 680104

Registration Number: 464/99

Affiliation Number: H022

Gramaswaram Samskarika Samithi, Mannalamkunnu, Andathode Post Office, Akalad via.679564

Registration Number: 386/96

Registration Date: 19.10.96

Affiliation Number: H023

Mannalamkunnu Arts & Sports Grameena Association, Mannalamkunnu, Akalad Post Office, PIN Code - 680518

Registration Number: 380/97

Affiliation Number: H024

Yuva Bhavana Kala Smskarika Vedi, Kadappuram Post Office, Velichennappadi

Registration Number: 608/99

Registration Date: 08.07.99

Affiliation Number: H025

Phoenix Kala Kayika Samskarika Vedi, Aviyoor, Edakkara Post Office, PIN Code - 68051

Registration Number: 119/99

Affiliation Number: H026

Yuvadhara Kala Samskarika Vedi, Andathode Post Office, PIN Code - 679 564

Registration Number: 343/00

Affiliation Number: H027

Star Arts & Sports Club, Chakkam Kandam Post Office, PIN Code - Mama Bazar: 680522

Registration Number: 1698/98

Registration Date: 16.12.98

Affiliation Number: H028

Kairali Arts & Sports Club, Iringapuram, Puthamballi Post Office

Registration Number: 110/82

Affiliation Number: H029

Winshare Club & Library, Mannalamkunnu Post Office, 680518

Registration Number: 14/99

Affiliation Number: H030

Souparnika Kala Samithi, Souparnika Gramam, Orumanayoor Post Office, PIN Code - 680512

Registration Number: 149/01

Registration Date: 07.02.01

Affiliation Number: H031

Edakkazhiyoor Coastal Service Society, High school Centre, Edakkazhiyoor: 680515

Registration Number: 869/00

Registration Date: 22.11.00

Affiliation Number: H032

Nilatheeram Kala Vedi, Changadam Road, Edakkazhiyoor Post Office, PIN Code - 680515

Registration Number: 724/00

Affiliation Number: H033

Avon Sporting, Chammannur Post Office, Punnayoorkulam.679561

Registration Number: 260/94

Affiliation Number: H034

Allama Iqbal Smaraka Samskarika Samithi & Library, Mannalamkunnu Post Office, Chavakkad via: 680518

Registration Number: 509/92

Affiliation Number: H035

Priyadarsini Samskarika Sangam, Edakkara Post Office, Akalad via: 680518

Registration Number: 385/01

Affiliation Number: H036

Kairali Arts & Sports Club, Iringappuram, Puthamballi Post Office, PIN Code - 680103

Registration Number: 110/82

Affiliation Number: H037

Varsha Arts & Sports Club, Thamarayoor Post Office, Kottappadi via

Affiliation Number: H038 680505

Registration Number: 2028/96

Vaikam Muhammad Basheer Samskarika Samithi Grandhasala, Akalad Post Office, PIN Code - 680518

Registration Number: 372/96

Registration Date: 06.04.96

Affiliation Number: H039

Yuvadhara Samskarika Sangam, Edakkara, Edakkara Post Office, Akalad via: 680 518

Registration Number: 226/88

Affiliation Number: H040

Sam Samskarika Samithi, Mannalamkunnu Post Office, 680518

Registration Number: 1042/99

Affiliation Number: H041

Yuvadhara Kala Vedi, Punnayur Post Office, Vadakkekkadu via

Registration Number: 249/94

Affiliation Number: H042

Yuvadarsana Kala Kayika Vedi, Panchavadi, Edakkazhiyoor: 680515

Registration Number: 2/99

Registration Date: 01.01.99

Affiliation Number: H043

Socio Cultural Organisation, Andathode Post Office, 679 564

Registration Number: 414/93

Registration Date: 24.08.93

Affiliation Number: H044

Youths Punnayoorkulam, Punnayoorkulam Post Office

Registration Number: 246/82

Affiliation Number: H045

Soorya Arts & Sports Club, Kuranjiyoor Post Office, Chavakkad via: 680506

Registration Number: 154/99

Affiliation Number: H046

Yuvajana Kala Vedi, Moonnamkallu, Orumanayoor Post Office

Registration Number: 144/99

Affiliation Number: H047

Yuvadhara Arts & Sports Club, Uppungal, IX/541.A, Punnayoorkulam Post Office

Registration Number: 350/99

Affiliation Number: H048

C.H.M Kala Samskarika Vedi, Punnayur Post Office, Vadakkekkad Via, 679562

Registration Number: 446/01

Affiliation Number: H049

Prakash Library Arts & Games Club, Nhamanekkad Post Office, 679563

Registration Number: 463/94

Affiliation Number: H050

Nadampadm Arts & Sports Association, Nadampadm, NASA, Palappilli Post Office

Registration Number: 688/99

Registration Date: 04.08.99

Affiliation Number: H051

Mudra Arts & Sports Club, Mankuttipadam, Padi Post Office, PIN Code - 680699

Registration Number: 1177/98

Affiliation Number: H052

Maithri Mannampettah, Vattanathra Post Office, Alagappanagar via, Mannampettah

Registration Number: 656/87

Registration Date: 23.12.87

Affiliation Number: H053

Aradhana Club, Pachalippuram, Vattanathra Post Office, PIN Code - 680302

Registration Number: 1094/98

Affiliation Number: H054

Voice of Truth Arts & Sports Club, Chittiseri Post Office, Pudukkad: 680 301

Registration Number: 123/1974

Affiliation Number: H055

Weldon Boys, Wendoor, Wendon Nagar, Alagappa Nagar Post Office, PIN Code - 680302

Registration Number: 52/2000

Registration Date: 02.02.2000

Affiliation Number: H056

United Arts & Sports Club, Ground Road, Alagappa Nagar Post Office, PIN Code - 680302

Registration Number: 504 A/98

Registration Date: 13.05.98

Affiliation Number: H057

Progressive Madavakkara, Chittisseri Post Office, Thrissur: 680301

Registration Number: 460/93

Affiliation Number: H058

Alagappa Football Academi, C/o.Panakkal House, Alagappa Alagappanagar Post Office

Registration Number: 795/99

Affiliation Number: H059

Devi Saritha Arts & Sports Club, Nagar Grama Panchayath Post Office, Alagappanagar Post Office

Registration Number: 229/86

Affiliation Number: H060

Yuvasakthi arts & Sports Club, Muppliyam, Thrissur

Registration Number: 747/00

Registration Date: 25.10.00

Affiliation Number: H061

Victory Sporting Club, Alagappanagar Post Office, Thrissur: 680302

Registration Number: 130/83

Affiliation Number: H062

Yuvajana Federation Arts & Spaorts Club, Perumbra Post Office, PIN Code - 680689

Registration Number: 38/83

Affiliation Number: H063

Anandha Kala Samithi, Kadambode, Pady Post Office, PIN Code - 680699

Registration Number: 190/81

Registration Date: 12.08.81

Affiliation Number: H064

Red Young Cultural Forum, Mannampettah, Varakkara Post Office, PIN Code - 680325

Registration Number: 157/01

Registration Date: 7.2.01

Affiliation Number: H066

Comates Circle, C/o P.I Ittoppunny Sons Jewellers, Kunnamkulam: 680503

Registration Number: 283/93

Affiliation Number: H067

FAS PADY (Fine Arts Society Pady) Pady Post Office, PIN Code - Kodaly: 680699

Registration Number: 302/1986

Affiliation Number: H068

Nehru Smaraka Vayanasala, Thali Post Office, Varavoor via: 680585

Registration Number: 04/2001

Affiliation Number: H069

Industrial Manufactuers Organisation & Welfare Soceity, Peroth Building, Viyyur Post Office

Registration Number: 318/03

Affiliation Number: H071

Royal Starts Arts & Sports Club, M.G.Kavu Post Office, Thiroor, 680581

Registration Number: 794

Registration Date: 08.11.2000

Affiliation Number: H072

Young Mens Arts & Sports Club, Souhrida Nagar, Kozhukkully: 680752

Registration Number: 58/00

Registration Date: 14.06.00

Affiliation Number: H073

Santwanam, Kuttikadan Buildings, Palakkal Post Office, 680027

Registration Number: 1021/01

Registration Date: 19.12.01

Affiliation Number: H074

Yuva Samajam Samoohika Seva Sangam, Chittilappilly Post Office, PIN Code - 680551

Registration Number: 724/01

Affiliation Number: H075

Chuvanna Mannu Sporting Club, Chuvanna Mannu Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 593/00

Registration Date: 09.08.2000

Affiliation Number: H076

Nava Pushypa Kala Samithy, Vallachira Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 87/89

Affiliation Number: H077

Friends Samskarika Kala Samithy, Pannissery Post Office, Koonamoochi

Registration Number: 480/2002

Registration Date: 22.05.02

Affiliation Number: H078

Deams Team Kala Kayika Samskarika Sanghatara, Ponnukkara Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 933/03

Registration Date: 05.11.03

Affiliation Number: H079

Karuna Ponnukkara Post Office, Thrissur: 680 014

Registration Number: 750/01

Affiliation Number: H080

Dragon's of Star Hills Marottichal Post Office, Thrissur.14

Registration Number: 153/01

Affiliation Number: H081

Friends Youth Club & Public Library, Ollukkara Post Office, Krishnapuram, Thrissur: 680 655

Registration Number: 641

Affiliation Number: H082

Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), Nadathara, C/o.Saji Jose, Cheruvathoor House, Nadathara Post Office, Thrissur: 680751

Registration Number: 1028/03

Registration Date: 03.12.03

Affiliation Number: H083

Bee Bee Arts & Spaorts Club, Ammadam Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 1029/2002

Affiliation Number: H084

Vivekanandha Yuva Sakthi, Souhrudha Arcade, 1 st Floor, Wadakkanchery: 680582

Registration Number: 488/2000

Affiliation Number: H085

Target Arts Sports Club, Poovathumkadavu Post Office, Panangadu: 680665

Registration Number: 50/97

Registration Date: 12.07.97

Affiliation Number: H086

Yuvachethana Kala Kayika Vedi, Puthiyakulangara Post Office, Parappoor, Oorakam: 680552

Registration Number: 6/2003

Affiliation Number: H087

Desabhimani Kala Kayika Samskarika Vedi, Edakkalathoor Post Office, PIN Code - 680552

Registration Number: 285

Registration Date: 28.05.96

Affiliation Number: H088

Santhosh Arts & Sparts Club, CTC.997, IX, Villadam, Ramavarmapuram Post Office

Registration Number: 158/82

Registration Date: 19.08.82

Affiliation Number: H089

Karinthalakkoottam Nattarivu Padana Kendram, Vadama Post Office, Mala: 680736

Registration Number: 967/02

Registration Date: 06.11.2002

Affiliation Number: H090

Evangelical Social Action Forum, P.B.No.12, Mannuthy, Thrissur

Registration Number: 109/02

Affiliation Number: H092

Thunder Boys Arts & Sports Club & Yuvajana Kala Samithy, Ayyappankavu, Thrissur

Affiliation Number: H093

ACTS Thrissur, Medical College Compound, College Road, Thrissur

Registration Number: 345/2000,

Registration Date: 22.04.2000

Affiliation Number: H095

Brothers Sports Club, Attoor,Attoor Post Office, Thrissur: 680013

Registration Number: 104/1983

Affiliation Number: H096

SAS Organisation, ANS.Complex, Near Tram Way Road, Anamala Junction, Chalakkudy Post Office

Registration Number: 676/04,

Registration Date: 04.10.2004

Affiliation Number: H097

Winners Arts & Sports Club, V/175, Kanalpalam, Poovachira Post Office, PIN Code - 680 652

Registration Number: 448/95

Registration Date: 22.11.95

Affiliation Number: H098

Society For Youth Integration, 1 st Floor, Seyyed Plaza, Civil Lane Road, Poothole, Thrissur

Registration Number: 805/2004

Registration Date: 24.10.2004

Affiliation Number: H099

Grameena Vayanasala Youth Club, Naniyambara Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 564

Registration Date: 19.07.2001

Affiliation Number: H100

Pananthara Nadan Kala Sangham, Andathode Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.212/05

Registration Date: 04.05.05

Affiliation Number: H101

Challengers Arts & Spaorts Club, Killimangalam Post Office, PIN Code - 680591

Affiliation Number: H102

Sree Sudarshana Vidya Peedom, Main Road, Iringalakkuda Post Office, PIN Code - 680121

Affiliation Number: H103

Friends Arts Club (FAC), Kundaliyoor Post Office, Chettuva, Thrissur: 680616

Affiliation Number: H104

Rashtra Chethana Samskarika Kendram, Vrindavan Nagar, Edakkalathur, Thirussur

Registration Number: 417/2002

Affiliation Number: H105

Sree Narayana Kala Vedi, Ollur Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 178

Registration Date: 29.08.84

Affiliation Number: H106

Spirited Youth China Bazar, Velappaya, Thrissur: 680 596

Registration Number: 304/97

Affiliation Number: H107

Liberty arts & Sports Club, Avannoor Post Office, Thrissur: 680 574

Registration Number: 462/92

Affiliation Number: H108

Samoohya Sevana Swasraya Sahakarna sangham, Ndathara, Ayyappankavu Post Office, Thrissur: 680751

Registration Number: 528/03

Affiliation Number: H109

Blue Star Marathaka Arts & Sports Club, Puranattukara Post Office, PIN Code - Thrissur: 680551

Registration Number: 137/82

Registration Date: 25.07.82

Affiliation Number: H110

Fighters Arts & Sports Club, Blangad Post Office, Irattuppuzha, Chavakkad via: 680506

Registration Number: 786/02

Registration Date: 09.04.03

Affiliation Number: H111

Eagle Arts & Sports Club, Ollur Edakkunny, Thaikkattusery Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 287/2003

Registration Date: 09.04.03

Affiliation Number: H112

Mega Nature Vision Nature Club, N.S.S Karayoga Mandiram, Pandarappilly Post Office, Thrissur: 680586

Registration Number: 346/05,

Registration Date: 15.06.05

Affiliation Number: H113

Western Arts & Sports Club, Manaloor Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 565/04

Registration Date: 05.10.04

Affiliation Number: H114

Samanwaya Arts & Sports Club, C/o Porthur Veedu, Karalam Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 578/05

Affiliation Number: H115

Milans Charitable Foundation, P.O.Puthenchira, Thrissur

Registration Number: 740/99,

Registration Date: 01/09/99

Affiliation Number: H116

Bhavana Mahila Samajam, Edakkunni, Ollur Post Office, Panamkuttichira, Thrissur

Registration Number: 244/1977

Affiliation Number: H117

Kavitha Arts & Sports Club, Kavallur, Vattanathara Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 576/91,

Registration Date: 14.08.91

Affiliation Number: H118

Friendship Cultural & Social Club, P.O. Kaniyarcode, Tiruvilwamala, Thrissur: 680594

Registration Number: 645/04

Affiliation Number: H119

Hari Sree Cheruvathery, Harisree Nagar, Cheruvathery, Chovvoor Post Office, PIN Code - 680 027

Affiliation Number: H120 Registration Number: 413/85,

Registration Date: 04.12.85

R.S Boys Arts & Sports Club, Urakam, Thrissur

Registration Number: 64/05

Registration Date: 02.02.05

Affiliation Number: H121

Peoples Society, Opp. KSEB Office, Pattikkad Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 405/04

Registration Date: 23.06.04

Affiliation Number: H122

Priyadarshini Kala Samskarika Vedi, Priyadarshini Nagar, Near Palemar Palli, Thozhiyoor Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 405/04

Registration Date: 23.06.04

Affiliation Number: H123

Friends Arts & Sports Club, Varakara Post Office, Pulinchode, Thrissur

Registration Number: 145/04,

Registration Date: 10.03.2004

Affiliation Number: H124

Tapasya Club, Irumbanellur Hosue, Eyyal Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 178/2001

Affiliation Number: H125

V.K Rajan Memorial Labour Club & Library, P.O Palapilly, Thrissur: 680304

Registration Number: 617/2000

Affiliation Number: H126

New Moon Theatres Arts & Spoarts Club, Vallkkunnu, Thrissur

Registration Number: 558/04

Registration Date: 12.08.2004

Affiliation Number: H127

Nadam Arts & Sports Centre, Alagappa Nagar Post Office, Eriyode, Thrissur: 680 302

Registration Number: 318/1981

Registration Date: 12.6.81

Affiliation Number: H128

Friends Arts & Sports Club, West Koratty, Mambra Post Office, Thrissur

Affiliation Number: H129

E.Net, (Akshya Entrepreneurs Welfare Society), XIX/221/17, Regency Building, Opp. Hotel Merlin International Poothole Post Office, Thrissur: 680004

Registration Number: 428/06

Affiliation Number: H130

The Group Desamangalam, Desamangalam Post Office, Thrissur - 679532

Registration Number: 1770/98

Affiliation Number: H131

Chenthara Arts & Cultural Society, C/o.Adv K.R Renjith Kumar Punna, Chavakka Post Office, Thrissur: 680506

Registration Number: R.406

Registration Date: 23.06.04

Affiliation Number: H132

Third Eye Theatre Group, Manoj Smaraka Vayanasala Building, Ashtamichira, Thrissur: 680731

Registration Number: R.597/06

Registration Date: 11.10.06

Affiliation Number: H133

Smrithy Samskarika Vedi, Vadanappally Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 144/2005

Registration Date: 01.03.05

Affiliation Number: H134

Nattakam Yuva Samithy, Anjoor Post Office, Mundur, Kollannur, Thrissur: 680549

Registration Number: 848/04

Registration Date: 03.11.04

Affiliation Number: H135

Mahatma Club, Kottupuram Post Office,Plakkad, Varavoor, Thrissur

Registration Number: 126/2000

Registration Date: 23.02.2000

Affiliation Number: H136

Kala Yuvajana Samithy, ThrissurCorporation, 16 th Division, E216/275, Thrissur

Registration Number: 665/06

Affiliation Number: H137

Azad Kala Samskarika Kendram, P.O Perinjanam, Thrissur

Affiliation Number: H138 Registration Number: 694/06,

Registration Date: 15.11.06

Mahima Vanitha Cluser, C/o.Asha Jiji, Veliyathu Parambil, House, Kannara Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 123/07

Affiliation Number: H139

Seven Star Arts & Sports Club, Aalinkunnu, Ponkulam Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 135/07

Registration Date: 14.03.2007

Affiliation Number: H140

Team Brothers, Minor Road, Kuttanellur Post Office, Eravimangalam, Thrissur

Registration Number: 198/07

Registration Date: 04.04.07

Affiliation Number: H141

Arts of Kalariparambu, EMS Smaraka Mandiram, Kalariparambu, Mathilakam Post Office

Registration Number: 576/88

Registration Date: 03.05.88

Affiliation Number: H142

Mahathma Arts & Sports Club, Koratty South Post Office, Magalassery, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.530/05

Registration Date: 31.08.05

Affiliation Number: H143

Voice of Karamukku Arts & Sports Club, Kundassamkadavu Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.488/04

Affiliation Number: H144

Rangachethana, Cheroor Post Office, Thrissur: 680008

Registration Number: 325/1979

Affiliation Number: H145

Grama Sree Social Welfare & Cultural Soceity, Anugraha Shopping Complex, Shornur Road, Thiruvambadi Post Office

Registration Number: R.755,05

Affiliation Number: H146

Pothujana Samrakshana Samithy, P.O.Kazhibram, Edamuttam

Affiliation Number: H147 Thrissur: 680568 Registration Number: 527/04

Registration Date: 10.08.04

Public Library & Reading Room, Pazhanji, Thrissur

Affiliation Number: H148

Janayugam Kala Kayika Samskarika Samithy, Karukamedu, Kadappuram Post Office, Cavakkad, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.341/07

Registration Date: 25.07.07

Affiliation Number: H149

Gethsemane Religious & Charitable Trust, Moolamkode, Chuvannamannu, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.230/02

Registration Date: 02.12.201

Affiliation Number: H150

Janakiya Vayanasala & Youth Club, Parannoor, Choondal Post Office, Thrissur: 680502

Registration Number: 424/078

Affiliation Number: H151

Prathibha Library & Reading Room Arts & Spaorts Club, Avanoor Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: 685/06

Affiliation Number: H152

Socker Club Edathirinji, Edathirinji Post Office, Padiyoor, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.417/07

Affiliation Number: H153

Sandos Club, Thermadam, East Fort, Kizhakkumpatukara, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.493/07

Registration Date: 02.11.07

Affiliation Number: H154

Spirit of Kizhuthani Yuvajana Samithy, Kizhuthani, Thanissery Post Office, PIN Code - 680701

Registration Number: 763/05

Registration Date: 28.12.05

Affiliation Number: H155

Gandhiji Arts & Sports Club, Venmenad, Painkanniyur, Pavaratty, Thrissur

Registration Number: 428/88

Registration Date: 28.09.07

Affiliation Number: H156

Don Bosco Youth Centre, Ollukkara, Mannuthy, Thrissur: 680651

Registration Number: 256

Registration Date: 11.09.85

Affiliation Number: H157

YASC Football Academi, Chittilappilly Post Office, Thrissur: 680551

Registration Number: R.591/07

Affiliation Number: H158

Friends Arts Sports Cultural & Social Club, Vadakkethara, Pazhayuannoor Post Office

Registration Number: R.691/02

Affiliation Number: H159

Thunchan Smaraka Vayanasala, Vennur: 680587

Registration Number: R.381/07

Registration Date: 22.08.2007

Affiliation Number: H160

Yuvajana Samgam Vayanasala, Chittanda Post Office, PIN Code - 680 600

Registration Number: R.550/07,

Registration Date: 28.11.07

Affiliation Number: H161

Ruby Arts & Sports Club, Kattapuram, Koratty Post Office, PIN Code - 680308

Registration Number: R.559/07

Registration Date: 05.012.07

Affiliation Number: H162

Ninav Arts & Sports Club, Mannampetta, Varakkara Post Office, PIN Code - 680325

Registration Number: R.602/07

Registration Date: 26.12.07

Affiliation Number: H163

Yuvasakthi Arts & Sports Club, Muplyam Post Office, PIN Code - 680312

Registration Number: R.747/00

Registration Date: 25.10.2000

Affiliation Number: H164

Ujwala Arts & spaorts Club, Mupliyam, 680312

Registration Number: R.494/06

Registration Date: 09.08.2006

Affiliation Number: H165

Footbhall Acadamey, Panaykkal Building, Alagappanagar: 680302

Registration Number: R.104/07

Registration Date: 21.02.2007

Affiliation Number: H166

Navayuga Arts & Sports Club, Mupliyam Post Office, PIN Code - 680312

Registration Number: R.923/99

Registration Date: 17.11.99

Affiliation Number: H167

Jayakerala Arts & Sports Club, Varkala, Varantharappily Post Office

Registration Number: R.871/01

Registration Date: 24.10.01

Affiliation Number: H168

Navadhara Arts & Sports Club, Mupliyam Post Office, PIN Code - 680312

Registration Number: 923/99

Registration Date: 24.10.2001

Affiliation Number: H169

Grameena Vayanasala, kalakkallu, Varakkara Post Office, Pulinchode

Registration Number: R.672/06,

Registration Date: 08.11.06

Affiliation Number: H170

Kalalaya Public Library, Inchakkundu Post Office

Registration Number: 08 MKM 3401

Registration Date: 20.07.95

Affiliation Number: H171

Challengers Arts & Spaorts Club, Mupliyam, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.158/08

Registration Date: 09.04.08

Affiliation Number: H172

Royal Ayyappa's Arts & Sports Club, C/o Midhun.N.M, Naduvil Veetil, Chittissery Post Office

Registration Number: R.49/08

Registration Date: 30.01.2008

Affiliation Number: H173

E.C.C Club, Edavakkad, Nenmanikkara

Registration Number: R.1048/98

Registration Date: 12.8.98

Affiliation Number: H174

Mizhi Samskarika Vedi, Paliyekkara, Chittissery Post Office, PIN Code - 680301

Registration Number: R.181/08

Registration Date: 23.04.08

Affiliation Number: H175

Selas Arts & Spaorts Club, C/o.Ajeesh.P.S, Putha House, Manaloor Post Office

Registration Number: 334/07

Registration Date: 25.07.07

Affiliation Number: H176

Yuvadhara Arts & Sports Club, Velliparambu, Mattathurkunnu Post Office, PIN Code - 680 684

Registration Number: R.98/94

Registration Date: 09.03.94

Affiliation Number: H177

Chithy Kala Samskarika vedi, KAM Shope, Vennengottu Building, Mullassery

Registration Number: R.252/08

Registration Date: 11.06.08

Affiliation Number: H178

Red Boys Kala Samskarika Samithi, Chemmannur Post Office, Punnayoorkulam.679561

Registration Number: R.162/05

Registration Date: 23.03.2005

Affiliation Number: H179

Thekkumpadam Haritha Samithy, Thekkumpadam Haritha Samithy, Pattikkad Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.21/01

Registration Date: 03.01.2001

Affiliation Number: H180

Friends Club Chengaloor, C/oPrince, Mangalavady Veedu, Randamkallu, 680 312

Registration Number: R.133/05,

Registration Date: 15.03.2005

Affiliation Number: H181

Bharat Chindhana Arts & Sports Club, Inchakundu Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.307/96

Registration Date: 31.07.96

Affiliation Number: H182

Kairaly Kala Samithy, Puthukkad, South Thurav: 680301

Registration Number: R.42/71

Affiliation Number: H183

Mahatma Arts & Sports Club, Vattanathra Post Office, PIN Code - 680 302

Registration Number: R.697/02

Registration Date: 07.08.2002

Affiliation Number: H184

Nava Bharath Arts & Sports Club, Cheruval, Pazhayi Post Office, PIN Code - 680 301

Registration Number: R.279/81

Registration Date: 23.11.81

Affiliation Number: H185

Sathyan Smaraka Vayanasala, Chittissery Post Office, Nenmanikkara

Affiliation Number: H186 Registration Number: R.300/08

Registration Date: 06.10.72.

Nethji Arts & Sports Club, Chettichal, Chembuchira Post Office, PIN Code - 680684

Registration Number: R.43/01

Registration Date: 17.07.02

Affiliation Number: H187

Mahatma Samskarika Vedi, Bhattimuri, Karikkad Post Office, PIN Code - 680519

Registration Number: R.588/02

Affiliation Number: H188

Tagore Judo Academi, Anthikkad, Thirssur: 680 641

Registration Number: R.119/08

Registration Date: 19.03.2008

Affiliation Number: H189

Kaliyarangu Arts & Sports Club, Avanoor Post Office, PIN Code - 680 547

Registration Number: R.503/95

Affiliation Number: H190

J.P Foundation Arts & Sports Club, Arimboor Post Office, Nalamkallu8: 680 620

Registration Number: R.197/08

Registration Date: 06.03.2008

Affiliation Number: H191

Dangerous Boys Arts & Sports Club, Vellarmkulam, Pulimkoottam, Pazhayannor

Registration Number: R.396/08

Registration Date: 13.08.08

Affiliation Number: H192

Yuvante's Kala Samskarika Samithy, Marulamkunnu Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.384/08

Registration Date: 06.08.08

Affiliation Number: H193

Moscow Club, V.P.Subrahmanyam Smaraka Mandhiram, Chittissery Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.672/02

Registration Date: 31.07.02

Affiliation Number: H194

Sathya Arts & Sports Club, Sathyan Takkees, Arangottukara Post Office, 680593

Registration Number: R.455/07

Registration Date: 07.10.07

Affiliation Number: H195

Church Eleven, Veloopadam, Veloopadam Post Office, PIN Code - 680 303

Registration Number: R.411/08

Registration Date: 21.08.08

Affiliation Number: H196

Pratheesha Kala Samskarika Kendram, Perinjanam Post Office

Registration Number: R.10/97

Registration Date: 08.01.97

Affiliation Number: H197

Human Development Centre (HDC), 2 nd Floor, Ottakkaran Complex, Chandhakunnu, Irinjalakuda

Registration Number: R.523/07

Affiliation Number: H198

Black & White Arts & Sports Club, IV/81, Amala Nagar Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.206/07

Registration Date: 11.04.07

Affiliation Number: H199

SEARCH, Vettilappara Post Office, Pariyaram: 680 721

Registration Number: R.89/93

Registration Date: 10.02.93

Affiliation Number: H200

Dreams Arts & Sports Club, Kuzhur Post Office, 680 734

Registration Number: R.976/99

Registration Date: 08.12.99

Affiliation Number: H201

Brothers Arts & Sports Club, Kundaliyoor, East Tipu Sulthan Road, Puthokkil Traders Building, Engadiyoor

Registration Number: R.482/08

Registration Date: 24.09.08

Affiliation Number: H202

Kely Grameena Samskrika Vedi, Konathukunnu Post Office, 680123

Registration Number: R.234/01

Registration Date: 21.03.01

Affiliation Number: H203

Samatha Samskarika Vedi, Kadalayi,Karumathra Post Office, 680123

Registration Number: R.845/01

Registration Date: 24.10.2001

Affiliation Number: H204

Young Mens Association, Thangaloor Post Office, Thrissur: 680 581

Registration Number: R.70/79

Registration Date: 21.03.79

Affiliation Number: H205

Royal Arts & Sports Club, Nenmanikkara, Puthukkad Post Office

Registration Number: R.70/79

Registration Date: 21.03.79

Affiliation Number: H206

Phoenix Kala Kayika Vedi, Vattully, Kurumala, Kurumala Post Office, Chelakkara: 680 586

Registration Number: R.303/08

Registration Date: 20.07.88

Affiliation Number: H207

Voice of Kurumala, Kurumala Post Office, Chelakkara

Registration Number: 495/08

Registration Date: 14.09.08

Affiliation Number: H208

Amitty Arts & Sports Club, Varandirappilly

Registration Number: R.504/08

Registration Date: 07.09.08

Affiliation Number: H209

Voice of Change Club, Andatode Centre, Andathode Post Office, PIN Code - 679 564

Registration Number: R.516/08

Registration Date: 07.10.08

Affiliation Number: H210

Grama Seva Samgham, Vallissery Desam, Avinnissery Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.304/85

Registration Date: 16.10.85

Affiliation Number: H211

Thekkumkara Cultural & Social Service Association, Thekkumkara Post Office, PIN Code - 680608

Registration Number: R.573/06

Registration Date: 27.09.85

Affiliation Number: H212

Navasree Arts & Sports Club, Nadavarambu Post Office, Vaikkara

Registration Number: R.941/00

Registration Date: 22.12.00

Affiliation Number: H213

Sparkers Arts & Sports Club, Jos Fabriks Building Kadangodu Road, Erumppetty: 680 584

Registration Number: R.77/08

Registration Date: 27.02.2008

Affiliation Number: H214

Skill Kala.Kayika Vedi, Chittilappilly Post Office, Thrissur: 680551

Registration Number: R.489/97

Registration Date: 24.09.97

Affiliation Number: H215

Purogamana Kalasamithy, Perinjery Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.22/62

Registration Date: 22.07.62

Affiliation Number: H216

Frienda Club, Vallissery, Avinissery Post Office, Thrissur

Registration Number: R.43/85

Registration Date: 30.03.07

Affiliation Number: H217

Silver Stores Chittissery, Chittissery Post Office, 680301

Registration Number: R.431/08

Registration Date: 27.08.08

Affiliation Number: H218

Prabhath Arts & Sports Club, Pookode Post Office, varakkara: 680 325

Registration Number: R.155/05

Registration Date: 29.11.05

Affiliation Number: H219

Janatha Vayanasala, Thannissery Post Office, Karalam

Registration Number: R.435/07

Registration Date: 25.10.07

Affiliation Number: H220

P.Y.C Theatres, Pulinchode, Kundaliyoor Post Office

Registration Number: R.322/85

Registration Date: 30.10.85

Affiliation Number: H221

Social Action Felloship (SAFE), Mannuthy Post Office, Pop Nagar: 680651

Registration Number: R.646/08

Registration Date: 17.12.08

Affiliation Number: H222