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Visitly LLC is one of the best visitor management software companies. Idea of Visitly originated from personal experiences of our founding team. In their professional careers, they had first hand experiences at workplaces where there is inefficient and manual visitor management process. For more details, visit Visitly LLC today!

Organizations use Visitly at their front desk for a simple, modern and seamless sign in/sign out experience to their visitors, employees or contractors using an iPad application and easy to use web portal. Visitly iPad application provides a kiosk like experience to visitors and the features such as branding, customization sign in flows, photo capture, badge printing, instant notifications to host using SMS, email, Slack, etc. It can also be integrated with various enterprise systems. If you are looking for a visitor management app for iPad, visit our website today.

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Luv Bedi
15051 Hesperian Blvd. #B,USA
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United States

15051 Hesperian Blvd. #B, San Leandro, CA, USA