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I am very happy to share that we, a competent team of @10-12 expert consultants, who based on their vast experience, have thought of starting an independent own Consulting Venture in the year 2015.

The core purpose of this venture is to help potential clients with Benchmark Business performances in the areas of Lean & HR consulting and mutually make a WIN-WIN proposition for a long term relationship. Since we do not have Much Capital investments or overheads or so-called corporate office and Asset base, our consulting Model is very straightforward and simple. Hence, we will be able to give maximum value to our clients at Lowest possible cost.Net net our client will get the right balance of Quality and Cost, alongside our vast industry expertise & consulting.

In Translean consulting we believe in total cultural transformation via LEAN -Kaizen tools, We undertake Long term as well as short term projects in Various Manufacturing and other service sectors based on 80/20 pareto rule using the Best in class Global Lean-KAIZEN tools in order to gain maximum financial benefits.

> Normally during our 1 st visit to any client we recommend a Dip-stick Base-Line Assessment of the Plant/facility using the Best in Class KAIZEN-LEAN tools/processes and come out with recommendations and way forward in order to make the Plan Lean with respect to P/Q/C/D/S/M (Productivity/Quality/Cost/Delivery/Safety/People Morale).The Assessment is done over 5 days starting with an Opening meeting with the Top Management, sharing the benefits of Lean/Operational excellence Journey. Then we come out with a comprehensive closing report giving a clear picture to the Management team on the priorities and Tentative financial benefits over a period of time.

> During our visit of 5 days, we also involve Operations/cross functional team at GEMBA and take up a 3-day DEMO -KAIZEN project in order to demonstrate the benefits of Lean-Kaizen tools.

> For your kind reference, attached is our company brochure and sample KAIZEN-Lean closing presentation (on the 5 th day). This sample is from One of the Garment/Textile companies in Mauritius, which will help you understand the Assessment process and recommendations thereafter.

> For your perspective note that we have done the following projects successfully in Cement/Textile/Engineering and other diverse FMCG companies alongside Service sectors like Hospitals and educational institutions in India and Africa.
Some of the significant and successful initiative’s we have implemented are-

> OE-Kaizen assessment (dipstick/audit) for 5 days --total 4 assessments done for overseas clients & Roca India

> GKW-Gemba Kaizen workshop for 5 days @ Roca/Ex Parryware in Indore-India

>5S Training and 5S implementation in Roca,Ex-Parryware in Indore-India

>Training on KCM-Kaizen Change Model-Daily kaizen/Breakthrough kaizen/leaders kaizen/support kaizen etc

>Training on 3M's-Muda/Mura/Muri and 7 types of wastes/Training on 7 QC tools in Dangote cement-Nigeria

>Training on TPM-AM step 1-2-3 and practical DEMO KAIZEN for 3 days, in Cement Mining equipment, on the same. Overview training on TPM step 1-7 in Berger Paints,Jammu-India

>Demo Kaizen projects for 5 days for potential benefits on PQCDSM parameters -Total 4 successful projects handled using KAIZEN tools like TQM/Fishbone/VSM/5S/SMED in Garment/Textile and cement industries in East africa.

>VSM-Process mapping using the ECRS tools in Leading Educational institutions like BITs Pilani and Leading Hospital in Kenya for elimination of NVA and increasing VA's in the various educational processes

> Operational excellence-OEE improvements in Jute Mill on bottleneck equipment’s like Looms (improved from base line AVR /PR of 64% to 80% and OEE from 35% to 70%)

>Store/spare parts inventory reduction in Value /days and complete supermarket design of vertical storage for space savings using the JIT and KANBAN methodology/ROL/ROQ etc (Inventory value reduced from 4.5 cr baseline to 2 cr in Just 5 months and generated 60% space savings).

currently our Team of consultants are working on complete green field solution of chemical-Chlorine chloride/fruit juces plant set up complete end-to-end solution/liquor tie up franchise model set for for new brand launch in MP /Furfurylaldehyde from Bagases/Detalied project feasibility report and later green field site setup for Bio-ethanol in Andhra pradesh/Market research and Detailed project feasibility reports for all Industry sectors...and the list Goes on as many other iinitiatives are in pipeline...!

>Apart from the above we have been doing soft skill Leadership training 's as well since 2014 on various topics like--
> Leadership Development & Soft skills Trainings

> 5E principles of Leadership, Various Leadership styles, Manager VS Leader, Vision /Mission for companies, Team building, Innovation- “Out of the Box thinking”, Stress management, Emotional Intelligence, Work Culture assessment-OHA etc, Time Management -planning and priority Setting, Presentation skills, Creative Thinking and decision making, meeting management with Six thinking Hats by Edward Debono, Strategy planning and analysis ,Industry Analysis with SWOT and Michael Porter's
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