Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company,established in 1996,takes a leading profession in the farm support systems,involving agricultural water-saving irrigation, garden irrigation and greenhouse planting.The filtration, fertilizer, smart agricultural control and garden watering tools & accessories,sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation are available.

Upholding the principle of high quality and competitive price,Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company has been conducting numerous businesses with customers from domestic and overseas.To abtain more information for a further cooperation.Please contact us,Topper LDPE Pipe Manufacturer Company is your best business partner.

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Rellen Huang
86 592 5819200
No. 879, Xiahe Road, Siming
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No. 879, Xiahe Road, Siming, Xiamen