TIMETOSAVE PTY. LTD. is a North Melbourne-based energy-efficiency company. We are obsessed with energy. We help businesses and households across Victoria reduce energy consumption by as much as 50 percent through LED light upgrade. We replace energy-hungry, old lights with energy-efficient LED lights under VEET (Now it is known as VEU).
We aim to achieve energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment while taking benefits of the government rebate scheme via commercial and residential LED lighting upgrade.
Our aim is to minimize impact on the environment by replacing old bulbs with energy-efficient LED products from top brands like Philips and Ledvance Osram. We are helping Australian home and business owners to make a switch from inefficient and costly lights to the energy efficient and cost effective substitute.

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TIMETOSAVE PTY. LTD. offers VEU-approved energy-efficiency LED upgrade services to households and businesses in Australia. Under VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade) scheme, we are helping our nation to reduce carbon footprint by 65% until 2030 through energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade. All upgrades are done under the government rebate scheme.

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Amit Chaudhry
21 Paramount Boulevard, Derrimut, Vic
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21 Paramount Boulevard, Derrimut, Vic