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Dr Nathan Newman is world renowned for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills and Stem Cell Lift in Beverly Hills. For almost twenty years Doctor Nathan Newman has examined and also worked with stem cells. Dr. Newman's stem cell treatment method has lots of applications for example the Brazilian Butt Lift with all natural, scar-free tactic, to get far better buttocks. A no scar tissue technique which removes your own excess fat to be utilized for facial rejuvenation treatment techniques for example the Stem Cell Facelift, delivering healthy looking end results, he's created the Stem Cell Lift. The Stem Cell Facelift procedure doesn't need general anesthetics and is minimally invasive. In order to actually feel relaxed throughout the procedure several people choose to take an oral sedative. The Stem Cell Lift is additionally useful to mend a post melanoma scar tissue or difficulty & to care for knee pain and discomfort and shoulder problems and usually might extend time before a knee joint replacement is required. Doctor Nathan Newman is interviewed by world-wide press, radio & television media channels being a recognized expert in applications of adult stem cells. He has been published in lots of renowned medical periodicals and is actually a speaker & instructor at a lot of international healthcare meetings. He has been honored by the Cambridge Who's Who for his leadership, entrepreneurship, and dedication being a aesthetic surgeon and a leader in stem cell technology, together with America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals. Dr. Newman's two fold school of thought of patient care is mostly about delivering the best achievable care and attention together with compassion to the whole individual. He is committed to introducing all of them to the most recent breakthroughs within the health care and surgical niches together with educating his individuals. Doctor Newman utilizes the a lot of organic and advanced methods available, safest, & least invasive in order to produce the a good number of all natural looking outcomes. The Newman Formula & an extra skin care line based on his exclusive stem cell technology that is redefining young people: Luminesce, Doctor Newman has generated a complete series of Derma-grade skin treatment merchandise. His advanced skin care brands accomplish & maintain healthy and balanced skin and the most bright skin coloration attainable, in addition to enhance and complete an extensive method, to have a purely natural, young-looking visual appearance. Since it does not need general anesthesia & will take less time to do, the price tag on the stem cell facelift is a small fraction of the price of older techniques of aesthetic surgery. Furthermore, the complete face (laugh lines, temples, lips, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, jowls, & chin) can be carried out all concurrently using the stem cell facelift Each and every and every part would normally involve an individual method that costs 1000s of dollars. Dr. Newman's Stem Cell Lift technique offers a brand new paradigm in face lifts because it handles & triumphs over the difficulties experienced using the 2-dimensional facelifts and when using the earlier fat grafting procedures. The method can be executed with a local anesthetics, it is not necessary for general anesthetics. Dr. Newman has been utilizing his stem cell treatments to deal with Lichen Sclerosus symptoms having good success. The Stem Cell Facelift supplies a 3-dimensional lift with out skin damage. It does not modify the wholesome structure of your face. It fixes the explanation for a maturing face which is volume loss. In the past there's been a lot of debate about the use of stem cell solutions. Nevertheless medical care is coming into a innovative era where reputable & non questionable use of stem cells coming from your own unwanted fat, known as autologus adult adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells, is currently acknowledged as common. Dr Newman is in the fore-front regarding releasing stem cell technology as being a popular treatment. Many treatment plans such as: Scar revision, Post surgical defects, Vulvar Enhancement, Calf sculpting, Brazilian butt-lift/Buttock Augmentation, Hand rejuvenation, restore volume to ear lobes that can no longer hold up earrings due to the thin skin, Lipo-Correction, Cellulite Correction, Post-surgical correction or Breast Augmentation, will be effectively cured by Dr Newman's Stem Cell Lift.

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