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Rattan Furniture Co.,LTD. is a company established in 2008 that specializes in rattan furniture. Rattan Furniture Co.,LTD. is located in London. We pay attention to item’s quality, and they have been praised and loved by thousands of customers.We use high-quality rattan to make natural wicker products, starting with a strong and durable natural frame, and then wrapping and weaving the rattan to create unique designs.

Rattan furniture is full of home decoration, even IKEA has a lot of rattan furniture. As a result, it quickly became popular as a prop in shops, salons and restaurants. There are rattan peacock chairs, rattan sofas and rattan tables. Many people like to put rattan garden furniture set with 1 rattan dining table and 4 or more rattan chairs in their yards, and lie on them to drink coffee and chat during leisure time, which makes people feel absolutely relaxed and happy at home. In addition, for the sake of beauty and material safety, many homestays and apartments will use rattan furniture to decorate the house. It seems that rattan furniture is also more popular with the masses. Another reason is that the interest in natural materials such as rattan may be related to consumers and manufacturers trying to get rid of plastic products, and the popularity of online shopping makes the lightness of rattan beneficial to companies that ship these materials.

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