Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture Co.,LTD. is a company established in 2008 that specializes in rattan furniture.
Rattan Garden Furniture Co.,LTD. is located in UK. We pay attention to item’s quality, and they have been praised and loved by thousands of customers.https://www.rattantree.com/

Speaking of rattan, we must first talk about wicker. The rattan can be wicker, but not all wicker is made of rattan. Wicker is a form of weaving, the process of making woven objects. Wicker is an upward trend, because it is a woven material composed of rattan, synthetic materials and other materials. It is very popular. Rattan is a material, not a craft. The appearance and feel of rattan is similar to bamboo, and its density, flexibility and color are different. But rattan likes bamboo is a sturdy and durable rattan. It is mainly distributed in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and has many varieties. However, the rattan is so famous because it’s famous for rattan furniture set. The rattan is grayish brown and tan, which add to the appearance of rattan furniture.

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