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Welcome to Powertec Electric, your full-service electrical contractors serving Winnipeg and southern Manitoba. We provide commercial, household and industrial electrical solutions to all types of electrical work. Listed below are the services that we provide. 1. Service upgrades 2. Knob and tube removal 3. Ballast changes 4. Home and office renos 5. Telephone, data, and television cabling 6. House theater wiring 7. Lighting solutions 8. emergency repairs Winnipeg has plenty of Electrical firms and Electricians. The citizens have a variety to pick from. Powertec certainly knows the impact that proper electrical work can do. We have seen this happen with all the years that we've got been in business. If you're going to do electrical on your own or simply hire an incompetent electrician, you'll also put yourself and your family at risk. If the electrical work will be done by specialists, it will not be too expensive. Powertec has a team of thirty. The team has over a combined 35 years of experience as electricians in Winnipeg. We've been in business for only 3 years but have such an outstanding team. We've got some experience in building, knob and tube removal along with maintenance codes in Winnipeg. Be assured your electrical work can be in line with all local laws and regulations. As electrical contractors, we will always do our best to ensure the procedure of construction and re modeling will be smooth. We understand the procedure could be quite disturbing. We do a clean-up every day after finishing the job. We are going to also ensure that there will alternative power sources so your appliances will still run while we work. Our main goal is to keep the buyers at ease while we work on their homes. When employing Winnipeg electrical installers it's essential to verify that they're insured and licensed. If a contractor breaks something in your house, insurance is really important because it will ensure that the ruin in the house could be covered. It's surprising how lots of "handyman" contractors that publicize on Kijiji do not actually have their certificates, or any insurance in place. We highly recommend that you do your research before choosing an electrician to work in your home. Powertec Electric Inc. has been in business since 2012. We're Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating. We are insured and licensed and we offer quality work, but do not take our word for it. You should look at what our existing consumers have to say about us. At the end of the day, we're in the business of making things work and keeping folks safe. It's already a huge problem if you will run out of power for a couple of hours, but it will be 100 times more problematic if the fixtures and walls will need to be damaged to fix this. If you're planning for new construction or adding an addition, guarantee the electrical is finished right the first time so you can have assurance that your finished interior wouldn't need to be disturbed.

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1433 Erin St Winnipeg MB R3E 2S9 Canada