"Does your dog pull on the leash while walking? Are you too busy to take your furry friends on a walk? At PawsAnges, my goal is to help you understand and develop a bond with your dog. I offer training 1 to 1, which involves positive reinforcement training and strengthening your relationship. We can build confidence by working together. I also provide a Puppies training Program to help create a connection between you and your puppy. If you don’t have the time to take your dog out for a walk, I’m available for walks 1: 1 so your pup can get the necessary exercise. Get in touch to discuss your requirements. "

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Flat 27 Morville House, Fitzhugh Grove
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SW18 3SD
United Kingdom

Flat 27 Morville House, Fitzhugh Grove, London,‎Greater London SW18 3SD United Kingdom