At PawsAgnes, I can help you understand and communicate with your little furry friend. Does it bother you when your dog pulls on the leash or spoil your carpet? Whether it’s 2 months or 2 years old, I can train your dog to listen and obey so you two can get along and enjoy your time together. If you are too busy to take your dog out for the customary evening walk, I can take them out and teach a thing or two during my special walks. I have a way with dogs. It’s a gift that I’m grateful for. And I’m using this gift to help people bond with their pets and nurture a strong, lasting relationship. Call now to book an appointment.

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Flat 27 Morville House, Fitzhugh Grove, London,‎ Greater London SW18 3SD, United Kingdom
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SW18 3SD
United Kingdom

Flat 27 Morville House, Fitzhugh Grove, London,‎Greater London SW18 3SD United Kingdom