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Does your child breathe through her mouth? This trait appears to be absolutely unsuspecting and unassuming and is also perfectly fine if done occasionally. But if the kid is doing this all the time, it can have far-reaching impact on the child and lead to distorted facial and dental developments. Children, whose mouth breathing has not been treated, can develop longer and narrower faces along with tooth that is crooked. The implications of mouth breathing can range from the development of bad breath, abnormal development of teeth and gingivitis to dental cavities and abnormal jaw development. That is why if you notice your child to breathe through their mouth all the time then without delay book an appointment with an experienced and certified dentist in Greenpoint at one of the most reputed clinics like Patient Friendly Dental. It houses the most efficient dentists and staff along with the most advanced oral care paraphernalia. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands once you follow the instructions and guidelines given by the experts there and will be able to witness her recovery before long.

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