Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Hasan Badday, MD, a pain management specialist, stem cell and regenerative medicine expert provides their services in Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine in Irvine, CA and Los Angeles. He is a certified, fellowship-trained Interventional pain management specialist and stem cell surgeon.

Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine is a clinic in Irvine, CA, and Los Angeles, CA run by Dr. Hasan Badday. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine, who earned his American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation after finishing a PMR residency program in Georgetown.
Dr. Hasan Badday actively looks for ways to help his patients manage and relieve pain so that they enjoy their lives to the fullest. He provides different treatment options like facet joint injections and epidural injections in addition to helping them manage their medicines and providing advanced therapies like Stem Cell therapy for joint and muscular pain and Botox® remedy for severe headaches. He is dedicated to provide adequate treatment to patients with different issues like spinal and musculoskeletal conditions.

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Dr. Hasan Badday
16405 Sand Canyon Ave #215,Irvine, CA, USA 92618
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16405 Sand Canyon Ave #215,Irvine, CA, USA 92618