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Near Me Ads is an online web portal that started in 2019. The portal was started in a beautiful cultural metro city Pune. We started the portal to help people worldwide to reach small, medium and large business and service provider. The portal is a majorly helps in finding local businesses and services. The motto behind to start the portal was to help people in searching business locally.
We offer a platform to small businesses and service providers to reach their customers easily. For posting ads, we have made separate pages for each city. All the pages are at the top rank in the google search result. If any person posts ads through our portal for a specific city then the ad will be seen on the top result of the search query. We offer very minor charges for posting the ads. We give special discounts if an ad is posted a longer duration of time. We also give a discount to our regular customers.
Near Me Ads portal is serving peoples of India, Us, Uk and Brazil. For posting ads of your business select your Country, your state and Your city.
If you want to use our portal to give ads of your business then visit our web site

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