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Purva Streaks is an in-house home interiors division of Puravankara.To design, build and deliver ultra-modern, functional and aesthetic home interiors that perfectly match the customer's personality, requirements, and budget.

"Purva Streaks" is a wholly owned subsidiary of Puravankara Projects Ltd. Purva Streaks offers its customers a one stop solution for all their Interior Requirements. We not only cater to Customers within Purva fold of Projects but also provide Interior services and consultation to Non-Purva Projects.

Modular kitchen has gained popularity all over the country since its inception in the 21st century. People realised the need for a more customised and space-saving design for the kitchen to cater to their modern lifestyle preferences.

Modular kitchen received widespread attention as it seemed to solve space issues and organise the kitchen space. However, certain models were difficult to fit into a particular area, and this is when customised modular kitchen designs became a necessity.

Benefits of Customised Modular Kitchen
If you are looking for modular kitchen designs Bangalore, go for customised solutions because these are -

Easy to assemble
Designed to utilise and optimise space efficiently
Aesthetically designed
Easy to maintain
Able to provide additional facilities as per your preferences
Made with high-quality materials
Easy to install and remodel
Available in several design and colour options
How to Plan Your Modular Kitchen Layout?
Planning a customised modular kitchen design might seem overwhelming at first, but with the help of professional kitchen interior designers in Bangalore like us, you can create your dream kitchen space. We have some handy tips for you -

Know Your Kitchen Work Triangle
The kitchen work triangle comprises your stove, refrigerator, and sink. Your entire kitchen layout will depend largely upon how these three essentials are connected and what would be the position and space between each of them.

Identify Your Ideal Countertop Height
The ideal countertop height should be the average height of all the inhabitants of the country. For Indians, the average counter height of 820 mm - 860 mm is the most suitable one for most people.

Take Care of Ventilation
Recognised modular kitchen designers in Bangalore like us ensure that your kitchen receives adequate ventilation to avoid suffocation and heating up. We know how to place the chimney and exhaust fan to let the hot air and smoke escape while also allowing in fresh air through a door or large window.

Choose a Suitable Colour Palette
Think of maintaining your kitchen in the long run, and so it’s wise to pick the right colours. Try avoiding an all-white kitchen as it tends to attract more stains, and hence, would require consistent cleaning. Try selecting a combination of light and dark hues to bring out the contrast and harmony of your kitchen space.

Focus on Kitchen Lighting
Lighting is an essential part of any modular kitchen designs Bangalore, as it changes the entire look and feel of your kitchen. While natural light would be ideal during the day, make sure to use proper overhead lighting to get the action going after the sunsets. While overhead lights can brighten up the countertop, under-cabinet lighting systems can provide direct light to your working area.

Trash it Properly
Try segregating your wet and dry wastes using built-in bins, which are generally constructed under the sink. Also, ensure that the trash can is easily accessible to everyone.

Safety First
Everything about your kitchen must be safe. Starting from gas piping to slip-resistant flooring, make sure to secure your kitchen space. Moreover, try to keep your appliances close to the switchboard, and keep a safe distance between the stove and the washbasin. Don’t worry, our team of professional interior designers will recommend you the safest methods to design your kitchen space.

Why Purva Streaks?
We are a dedicated team of interior designers in Bangalore that believes in creating spaces reflecting your personality and style. We believe that each space has a unique voice, and we strive to create that flawlessly.

Considered one of the best teams for meeting expectations and delivering unmatched spaces on-time, Purva Streaks can be the right answer to your search term “Where can I find the right modular kitchen designs Bangalore?”

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