Matrix PDM Engineering

Building on a rich history that spans many industries, four companies have come together to form Matrix PDM Engineering.

The original Tulsa-based engineering office has been a key contributor to the growth of Matrix Service Company, providing industry-leading expertise in aboveground storage tanks and steel plate structures.

The acquisition of PDM (Pittsburgh Des Moines) brought more than 50 years of history and multi-discipline engineering services specializing in terminals, cryogenic storage applications, spheres and other steel plate structures.

Another acquisition- EDC - brought over 40 years of experience of technical expertise in design and installation of material handling systems.

Most recently, Matrix PDM acquired Houston Interests in December of 2016, expanding its breadth of services and its geographic reach with thousands of projects performed across the globe in the sulfur, food and grain, marine structure industries.

Together, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions that fit a wide range of unique customer needs and priorities. We are a single streamlined solution provider, serving customers across the globe.

Mission: To create superior and sustainable long-term value for our investors, customers and employees by staying true to our culture and core values.

Core services:

* Engineering, Procurement and Construction
* Conceptual design and feasability studies
* Front End Engineering and Design
* Detailed Design
* Control System Automation
* Procurement
* Facility Inspection and Assessments
* Construction Management
* Seismic Preparedness and Recovery
* Welding Engineering
* QA/QC Services
* Fabrication
* Dust Hazard Analysis
* Grain Industry Services
* Marine and Dock Design
* Silo Design and Inspection

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Matrix PDM
918 838 8822
5100 E Skelly Dr.Ste. 100
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United States

Tulsa, OK 74135