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Marmm is a renowned place for diverse cosmetic, laser, hair transplant, body surgery, and advanced dental treatments. We have the latest technology available today and our team of different specialists keep patients care to the utmost priority.

The cost of hair transplants in Indore & India usually ranges from 30,000 to 1,00,000 to more rupees. But what will be the cost for you, it depends on many things. The most prominent factor is the hair transplant technique & bald area. First doctors do determine what technology hair transplant patient need for treatment

Some other factors are as follows – It is also important to determine the cost of baldness in the head how much or how low it is.

How much areas to be covered for transplant, because if there is more area then cost would be more.

If donor area ( from where hairs are picked/ extracted ) is less then in that case hairs are collected from chest then there will be more expenditure. The higher the number of grafts, the higher the expenditure.

Amount of density you want on your head is also a factor which determine hair transplant prices . In Indore we at Marmm give advance PRP treatment before or after hair transplant to give dense hair look & make patent look more charming

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