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The Meron Group is the market leader in the production and supply of Agar Agar & Chitin/Chitosan in India.

Culture Media Ingredients

For any Bacterium to be made for any specific purpose , it is necessary to provide an appropriate biochemical and biophysical environment is made available as “CULTURE MEDIUM” based upon the special need of particular bacteria, a variety of culture media have been developed. The manner in which bacteria are cultivated and purpose of culture media vary widely. In some cases Liquid media is used and in some others Solid medium is found suitable. The usual gelling agent for solid or semi-solid medium is Agar Agar. Agar is used because of its unique physical properties an because its unique physical properties and because it cannot be metabolized by most bacteria . it is also relatively inert and holds nutrients that are in aqueous solution. Other ingredients are added depending on specific purpose.

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Culture Media Ingredients :
Peptone (Microbiological),Tryptone ,Meat Peptone,Casein Peptone,Bio Tone,
Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate,Calcium Caseinate,Casitone,Dipeptone, Lactalbumin Hydrolysate,Lactalbumin Peptone,Liver Extract Powder, Liver Peptone,Meat Infusion 85% Protein,Malt Extract Powder (Me-1)- Food Grade
Malt Extract Powder (Me-2) - Bacteriological Grade,Peptone (Bacteriological),Mycological Peptone, Pancreatic Digest Of Casein Papain I.P.,Pproteose Peptone,Sodium Caseinate,Tryptose,Casein Powder,Gelatine Peptone,Acid Hydrolysate Of Caseine,Pancreatic Digest Of Gelatin,Soya Peptone,Soya Peptone With < 1% Nacl,Bile Salt,Beef Extract, Yeast Extract Powder, Bile Extract

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