Marine Hydrocolloids

Agar Agar

Marine Hydrocolloids is the largest manufacturer & exporter of
Agar Agar Food grade in India (Powder & Strips) suitable for Food, Confectionery & Dairy products industries
etc., Bacteriological grade suitable for Plant Tissue Culture, Dehydrated Culture media, Microbiology,
Dental Castings etc. and Pharmaceutical grade confirming to USP/BP/IP standards with ISO 22000: 2005 & ISO 9001- 2008 CERTIFICATION & FSSAI Licence.

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Marine Hydrocolloids
1. Agar Agar Bacteriological Grade
2. Agar Agar Food Grade (China Grass)
3. Agar Agar Food Grade Strips
4. Agar Agar Pharma Grade
5. Agar Agar Plant Tissue Culture Grade
6. Plant Gel (Gellan Gum)
7. Wondergel (Spreadable Agar-Agar)
8. Agarose

Agar Agar, Food Ingredients, Food Additives, Confectionary Products, Pharmaceutical
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Kurian Jose
0484 2227241
Deepa Building, Santo Gopalan Road, Chullickal, Kochi, Kerala-682005, India
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Deepa Building, Santo Gopalan Road, Chullickal, Kerala-682005, India

Agar Agar
Agar Agar
Agar Agar
Agar Agar
Agar Agar
Agar Agar