Little Elephant

Little Elephant is an e-commerce website selling home decor items. In a world of artificial generics, Little Elephant delivers you artisanal lifestyle items that are handmade by regional artisans who have spent their whole life in developing the art. Imbue your home with innovative thoughts and designs, where architecture flawlessly combines with functionality.

Elephants in the Indian Culture are a symbol of mental strength and sturdy, earthy mental strength. It was everything the founders wanted their new brand to be. The elephant has, for centuries, been a part of folklore, art, culture, and royalty – its mighty designs traveling all across the world, taking a piece of Indian heritage wherever it goes. They hope that with Little Elephant, you too can experience the delight of having a handcrafted bit of home luxury made with love and craftsmanship, and bring a piece of artistic heritage into your world.

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David Agarwal
1706 Ruxton Lane #C, Redondo Beach, CA, USA
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United States

1706 Ruxton Lane #C, Redondo Beach, CA, USA