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One never grows fat/obese by eating homemade food.See our parents, grandparents, in fact they are still more agile and healthy than us.The reason behind that is that the food they consumed was mostly homemade and prepared with raw materials which are healthy in every season.These recipies are lost in todays world of Fast Food.We dug them out of the closet and presented them to you with a twist. Made them Bite Sized and added some flavours to satisfy your taste buds.We also ensured that the Oil is only used once, so that the possibility of Transfat is minimal, Raw materials which we use is used in every household of India everyday so its easy to digest and because of these reasons, even if the snack is fried, its still healthy.But, the fear of Fried is omnipresent in the society and the new generation, so for them the same Recipe and ingredients are used and instead of fried we bake it for them, ensuring them of the same taste.

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