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our services are UNFCCC CDM/JI Consulting & Project Development ,Joint Crediting Mechanism, JCM , VERRA-VCS/CCB/REDD+/JNR/SD VISta/Landscape Consulting &Project Development, Forest Surveys , etc
The basic conception of the JCM
Facilitating diffusion of leading low carbon technologies, products, systems, services, and infrastructure a
The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Is a project-based bilateral offset crediting mechanism initiated by the govt. of Japan to facilitate the diffusion of LCT ( low-carbon technologies). KMS group services are Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
The diffusion of leading low-carbon technologies and also the ensuing mitigation of gas emissions contribute to the property development of developing countries. So far, sixteen countries together with ten in Asia and also the Pacific region have launched the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), with fifteen registered comes. funding underneath the JCM is provided through the govt. of Japan, related to organizations, and ADB.
1. additionally as the implementation of mitigation actions, and contributory to property development of developing countries;
2. Appropriately evaluating contributions from Japan to GHG)emission reductions or removals throughout a quantitative manner, and use them to appreciate Japan’s emission reduction target;
3. Contributing to the last word objective of the UNFCCC by facilitating international actions for GHG emission reductions or removals

UNFCCC CDM/JI Consulting & Project Development
Being one of the oldest consulting and project development team in CDM and GHG projects, KMS involved in various CDM projects ,- UNFCCC CDM/JI Consulting & Project Development across the World as a Consultant and Developer since 2005.
In general the CDM project development and monetization process cycle consists of the following steps:
Review of the project activity and preparation of strategy.
Scope includes CDM/JI project development on carbon credit aspect, preparation of project design document, communication with DNA to receive Host country approvals, identification of third party validators and resolving non conformities.
Preparation of Project Idea Note.
In the meantime or before this stage, Host Country Approval letter is obtained for implementing the project in any particular country. This is called as Letter of Approval (LoA).

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