Ignite Chiropractic

Our office specializes in a type of neurologically-based chiropractic care that is more effective than the traditional “massage-like” chiropractic care. And there is NO POPPING, TWISTING, OR CRACKING of the spine. Our goal is to get you life-changing results that last and don’t keep coming back over and over again.

We help you heal NATURALLY from the inside out without drugs, surgery, or unnecessary supplements that mask the underlying problem.

It’s a fact that your body heals itself every second of the day…

If for some reason your body isn’t healing (resulting in pain or disease), rest assured it’s not from a lack of Advil, anti-inflammatories, or even natural supplements like turmeric powder. It’s caused by a disconnect from the messages your brain is trying to send your body through the nerves.

By gently adjusting the spine, we restore the connection between the brain and body allowing your body to do exactly what it was designed to do - HEAL.

By working with your inborn ability to heal naturally, we re-establish the healing connection from your brain and body to get you life-changing results that are long-term solutions, not just a quick fix.

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Dr. Natalie Horine
4305 S. Pleasant Crossing Blvd, Suite 2,
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