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My name is Ben Sessions the owner and operator of Idaho Home Inspections Inc. In 09 we purchased a home that ended up being infested with snakes. Yes, you read that right, snakes. There was, estimated by professionals to be between 7 to 8 thousand snakes within the walls of the home we had bought. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you receive your report and speak with the inspector that did your inspection and are not satisfied for legitimate reasons, we will try to meet the needs you have. After having 2 “professional” inspectors go through the snake house and miss the large problem, I have been inspired to make a better, safe, buying world for you. I do not want you going through what we have experienced personally. When you buy a home, you will know what IS wrong and not functioning right in it. You will know what to possibly expect in future costs of the home though not all can be predicted.

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Benjamin Sessions
736 Mountain View Cir, Salmon, ID, USA
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United States

736 Mountain View Cir, Salmon, ID, USA