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Welcome to Hone Ecology. We are a professional ecological consultancy. We provide pragmatic design planning advice to property developers and architects throughout London and South England. With our variety of surveys, we strive to assist developers in meeting their obligation. We can help you avoid unnecessary delays, cost and disruptions by ensuring matters are sorted early in the planning process. Our range of survey products includes Phase 1 Ecological Surveys, Badger Surveys, Bat Surveys, Breeding Bird Survey, Dormhouse Survey, Reptile Survey, National Vegetation Survey and more. We offer our services at competitive prices. Need our help? Give us a call today.

Website: http://www.ecologysurveyor.co.uk

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Hone Ecology Ltd
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12 High St, Headcorn, Ashford
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12 High St, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent, TN27 9NE, United Kingdom