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GTS Maintenance Limited is a specialist maintenance company working in the gas containment, waste water and bio-gas industry, offering services from design and manufacture to refurbishment and repair. GTS Nitrogen Services provides specialist vehicles and expertise to utilise gas or liquid Nitrogen for a variety of industrial uses.
GTS Maintenance Limited, provide specialist maintenance services to the gas containment, waste water and bio-gas industry, including steel anaerobic digester & gas holder roof design, manufacture and maintenance. Together with refurbishment of anaerobic digesters & gas holders . GTS Nitrogen Services provide, Nitrogen purging, Shrink fitting, Gas freeing, Dying, Pressurising, Hardening, Refrigeration, Embrittlement, Ground freezing utilising gas or liquid Nitrogen. Visit:

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Robert Daish
Station Yard, Salcombe Road,
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DE55 7RG
United Kingdom

Station Yard, Salcombe Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire United Kingdom