Green Power Solutions

Green Power Rental Solution in Mobile Power and Light

Green Power Solutions (GPS) one of the best service providers in offering comprehensive power and lighting system across Australia. In spite of our supreme service and support, GPS Generators and lighting solutions can be used in all sorts of the situation from filming, worksites, festival events and so.

Our Featured Services

We are the best if you are looking for a 12kva generator for sale, 20kva generator for sale, a Biodiesel generator for sale, Diesel Generator for Sale, Diesel generator hire, Generator for hire, Generators for sale, Lighting tower hire, Portable generator hire, and Silent generator hire.

• Planned Onsite Generator Maintenance, Service & Repair
• Monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance programs
• Dedicated 24-hour emergency phone support
• Highly Qualified Fleet of Field Service Technicians
• Innovative Approach To Improve Productivity and Profitability
• Installations Across The Country

Why Choose Green Power Solutions

We Green Power Solutions offers tailored maintenance and a high-quality service program that will create trust over the power equipment of yours in its ready condition.

List of Products We Sale

1. 20kva generator
2. 50kva generator
3. Biodiesel Generator
4. Biofuel generator
5. Diesel generator
6. Fuel Storage Container
7. Green generator
8. Hybrid Battery
9. Hybrid Lighting Tower
10. Light Tower
11. Mobile lighting tower
12. Portable diesel generator
13. Portable generators
14. Silent diesel generator
15. Welders

Our Experiences

We have specialists and experienced service technicians who ensure the work efficiency of your power equipment stays at maximum level all-time.

Locations We Serve

Though we located in Victoria and concentrating our services and installations of our products in its surrounding suburbs region, we almost install our power equipment across the country.

Contact Us

To know more about our products and to purchase them for the best price, get in touch with our executives by dialing 1800 464 733 or by emailing us at our id:

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