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India is a land of agriculture with home to lot of crops and species acclaimed globally now. Most of such hailing agro products have their roots in India and Coconut is definitely one among them. Coconut is the fruit of coconut palm (Cocos Nucifera).

India is the 3rd largest coconut producer in the world. Indian coconuts are extremely delicious, highly nutritious and exceptionally fleshy and hence highly preferred by coconut consumers worldwide.

In South India, there is a place called Pollachi unfolding itself on the laps of the western ghats, at the juncture of two big states Kerala (popularly known as ‘God’s own Country) and Tamilnadu. Blessed with a good monsoon, tropical climate, moisturized air, abundant water resources and enriched soil, Pollachi is ideal to cultivation of best quality coconuts, over many decades.

Green Gem, has its coconuts farms in Pollachi and is committed in providing high grade coconuts and other agro products to customers all over the world. Hailing from an agrarian family, we always cherish taking Indian agriculture beyond its geography.

Being in various businesses for close to 3 decades, our success is always attributed to knowing and addressing the customers by their needs precisely, commit less and act more, always surpassing the expectations of the customer.

Products / Services: 

Semi Husked Coconut

The complete outer thing and partly inner husks are removed so as to give it a tangled look. But this is the most common form of exported coconuts due to its very high shelf life. In semi husked form, coconuts are protected from early decaying as the shell and its three eyes are fully covered.

Fully Husked Coconut

The husk is totally removed and trimmed so that it becomes extremely easy, less messy to handle. The shelf life is low hence should be stored in a cool place. Recommended to be consumed within the country of its produce.

Dry Coconuts (Copra)

Removing the outershell, coconut kernels are dried for purpose of oil extraction which is extensively used in health care and cooking domains. The residues are coconut cakes that are used as animal feed.

Tender Coconuts

Harvested from the tree when they are green, this coconut offers and is meant for its naturally sweet water. A typical tender coconut offers about 500 ml of water apart from the soft creamy pulp inside ideal and delicious for consumption.

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coconut exporters in india
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