GO2 International

GO2 International

GO2 INTERNATIONAL, based in California, is the manufacturer of GO2, a unique and safe two component chlorine dioxide system for superior results in water treatment.

GO2's mission
Our mission is to contribute to a better environment and general human, animal and crop welfare by providing safe, healthy drinking water, irrigation water and wash-water.

The unique formula of GO2 is covered by extensive research, which has been conducted for more than 10 years to develop and perfect the product. Extensive scientific and application tests in live situations were completed before GO2 was brought to the market. Our company is supported by a large number of scientists, engineers, physicians and universities to support clients with all necessary data and knowledge based on our extensive scientific research. GO2 is truly innovative. It is a 21st Century, breakthrough and 100% green technology that delivers real benefits to urban, industrial, commercial and agricultural users.

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