Dr Vivek Baliga

dr vivek baliga cardiologist

Dr Vivek Baliga is an internal medicine specialist and cardiologist practicing in Bangalore. He leads a team of staff at Baliga Diagnostics located in south Bangalore. With experience spanning nearly 2 decades, Dr Vivek Baliga is proficient in the management of all common and complicated medical problems. He is proficient in non-invasive cardiology, and is an expert in coronary angiography and interventions. Following a conservative approach to most conditions, Dr Baliga has gained a reputation as a kind and 'go-to- physician with the patience to listen to every complaint a patient has, and to take time to explain every medical problem, despite his busy schedule. In his spare time, he is a fitness enthusiast and blogger, having published over 400 articles on his blog HeartSense.

Visit his online profile - https://heartsense.in/dr-vivek-baliga

Products / Services: 

Holter Monitoring
Chest xray
Medical Consultation
Orthopedic consultation
Surgical consultation
Ambulatory BP monitor

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Vivek Baliga
712, 38 cross, 16th A Main, Jayanagar 4th T block
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jayanagar 4th T Block