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Dr. Michael Simmons has been a practicing family physician in this area since 1994. Whether you are interested in our Family Medicine Practice, Hormone Replacement Therapy, or Weight Loss Management, we are here to assist you in living a life you love. We offer a variety of services that may benefit your health and wellness needs. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Simmons today for an in-depth evaluation of your health status and learn the steps you can take to restore your vitality and wellness!

Dr. Simmons is pursuing a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and operates three medical health and wellness facilities. Patients travel from all over the United States for his innovative and progressive approach to healthcare.

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Family Practitioner, Primary Care Doctor, General Practitioner at Simmons Medical Clinic, KS

Family Practitioner, Primary Care Doctor, General Practitioner, Simmons Medical Clinic
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Dr. Michael Simmons
Dr. Michael Simmons
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Dr. Michael Simmons, 5251 West, 116th Leawood, Kansas, US