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"Coffman Legal is a Columbus law firm serving workers in Ohio statewide who have been mistreated by their employer through wage and hour violations, employment discrimination and harassment, or other abuses. If your wages or overtime have gone unpaid, or if you were discriminated on the basis of disability, pregnancy or other protected factors, Columbus employment & overtime attorneys Matthew Coffman and Adam Gedling will fight to protect you, uphold your rights and make sure you are fully compensated for the harm done to you. You will find our firm to be very responsive to your needs and guide you throughout the process of recovering money damages for wage and hour violations, discrimination and other employment injuries.

Excelling in Columbus overtime and wage & hour cases
Coffman Legal is a small law firm by most measures, yet it’s been said that our office generates the most unpaid wage and hour or overtime case filings in Columbus and is among the top five in Ohio. We frequently prosecute cases involving thousands of employees, and we recently settled a FLSA collective action with over 14,000 potential class members. What’s our secret? We are very good at what we do, we work extremely hard for our clients, and we take on the large corporations and the large law firms behind them. We are a small firm with big results.

Our Columbus wage & hour attorneys handle minimum wage violations and unpaid wage violations, including prevailing wages and unpaid overtime. We help employees who were misclassified as exempt from overtime, or tipped employees who were paid the wrong cash wage or had their tips improperly taken away. Our practice includes factory workers and blue-collar workers, nurses and health care workers, and other employees in the Ohio industries most commonly subject to wage & hour violations.

Protection from all forms of employment discrimination
Federal and Ohio laws prohibit employers from discriminating against job applicants or employees based on protected characteristics such as age, race, religion, sex/gender, disability, LGBT, military status, or pregnancy. The laws prohibit any adverse employment actions, up to and including failure to hire or wrongful termination. Employers will rarely reveal their discriminatory motives when they make employment decisions. Our Columbus employment discrimination attorneys use their extensive knowledge and years of experience to uncover and prove discrimination."

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