Bundle Living

Bundle Living

Bundle provides flexible seating for a modern life.
The Bundle sofa breaks down as easy as it sets up for life on the go and features a variety of arm and leg styles, and soft, durable performance fabric.
The Bundle Bean Bag is built with silky, stain-resistant fabric, supportive memory foam and it doesn't required any assembly. Bundle Bean Bag is very versatile and comfortable. Bundle offer modern, durable and comfortable seating with performance fabrics built to last a lifetime.

Bundle creates spaces that bring people together with fresh, flexible seating options designed for comfort and conversation.

Bundle use durable fabrics, supportive foams, and solid hardwoods that can hold up to the wear and tear of modern life–and look great doing it. Customers can create a seating solution that seamlessly fits their space and style with our customizable options.

Bundle is a part of Resident, a house of brands providing customers with better choices when it comes to everyday home products. From mattresses to rugs to furniture, each of our brands has unparalleled standards for quality, style, and value.

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Tracy Calloen
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