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Email marketing services plays an integral part for your business, before making email list and sending emails make sure you have right email service providers.BULKMAILVPS give you mass mailing programming, specialized help and rundown the board likewise we help you to make the solid connections together with your clients and help to develop your business offer the best-dedicated smtp server with free email marketing software and free spf, dkim, rdns, dmarc setup. 24/7 support is available for your help.
Dedicated 1
• Dual Core CPU
• RAM: 8 GB
• HDD: 2x1TB
• Dedicated IPs: 8
• Mailing Software: Included
• MTA: Exit/ Post fix
• Free: rDNS, DKIM, SPF
• Send Emails: 30000/hour
• Free support 24/7
• No long term contracts.
$299.99 USD Monthly
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