Best Residential School In Chennai – Best boarding experience

Sending your child to boarding school is a hard decision to make. Some of the reasons why children are sent to boarding school are listed below:
1. Local schools do not have high quality of education
2. Parents feel boarding school builds character and makes children independent.
3. Family circumstances like health issues, staying out on work for long hours, etc

There are other compelling reasons compelling parents to send their children to boarding schools. But the most convincing reason is to provide holistic education to your child. Even the parents enrolling their children in the best residential school in Chennai are looking for more holistic education. But the irony is that most schools focus only on academics. The focus robs children of their playing years and forces them into academics. It should be mentioned here that children are not academically oriented and boarding schools have a robust extracurricular activities for the campus life. The international curriculum like IB or A level requires the students to participate in sports and music.

Outdoor educational component are also introduced in some residential schools. The environment helps children to discover various dimensions and become multi-faceted. The students are turning increasingly competitive and so is the admission process. International boarding schools represent a proven track record when it comes to sending students to top universities. The Indian schools are sending more number of students to foreign universities and colleges in the recent years.

Boarding schools have a lot to offer both in terms of academics and non- academics. There is a large inflow of international students from Russia and China and Indian schools needs to prepare the students for the competition. Top boarding schools are always a hot favourite for prestigious universities abroad. The Harvard University admits four undergraduate students in a year. Both Oxford and Cambridge do not have any restriction in admitting students from reputed boarding schools.

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