Bel Fries

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Bel-Fries is a super-snack, salty crisp canvas for a palette of sauces ranging from creative discoveries to pure comfort food.

Bel-Fries are an experience to savor and share—epic fries and sauces, expertly prepared and served with true hospitality.

Bel-Fries is the new standard for fries, bringing the long-perfected Belgian frying traditions together with the iconic American spirit and modern standards. Belfries is bringing the real thing to America—starting with New York City.

Our chef Stephane obsessed over real ingredients and old world techniques that don’t cut corners. He had mastered the esoteric arts of fry-craft and saucery.

Stephane has created a taste of Belgium right here at home.

Our mission is to bring real Belgian fries to America, and to create transparency around what’s in your fries and where the ingredients are coming from.

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Nancy Thompson
132 Ludlow St,
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United States

132 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002