Marine (Seafood) Export in India

Marine Fishery or Seafood sector is one of the major contributors of foreign exchange earnings through export. It's being increased in the export of seafood products, both in quantity and in value year after year. It is achieved by diversification in export of items like frozen squid, cuttle-fish and variety of other fishes. Japan continued to be our major market, importing around 45% of the sea food from India followed by European Union in the recent past. Other major markets are USA, Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Republic of Korea, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia.

Prospects of export lie in diversified fishing, products and markets. Tuna and Cephalopods have been identified as potential export candidates. The trade in frozen fish, fish fillets and Surimi is promising and the industry is to be adequately geared and equipped to handle and export them in value added packages. Freshwater species, such as major carps too have a potential market, specially in West Asia. Govt. department like Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has given high priority in modernization of the processing facilities to meet international standards is of primary importance for the industry in the coming years.

MPEDA registration is mandatory for exports of Fish and Fishery products from India. With the online registration system, any prospective exporter can apply online for getting MPEDA Registration. The documents are submitted by uploading scanned copies in pdf format and the payment is accepted through a payment gateway. The existing exporters can apply online for renewals, endorsements or cancellations. The applicant can see the status of his application through his login credentials.

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