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Discount-Licensing Ltd

Switch to cost-effective software licensing solutions with Discount Licensing. We deal in recycling of surplus/ disused Microsoft software licenses in EU/ EEA. We provide surplus Microsoft software to organizations experiencing license shortfall and trade for discounted software who have migrated to a new version or cloud environment. Thus sell your software license or buy the used ones from Microsoft registered partners at affordable prices and reduce business expenditure on our SSLC web portal.

United Kingdom

The Sanctuary at Sedona

Science has increasingly shown us that addiction and related disorders can be cured if their underlying causes are resolved. This is a radical departure from the prevailing model of recovery in which a person can never fully recover. Thanks to advances in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics, recovery no longer is limited to symptom management and remission. The Sanctuary at Sedona have embraced this non step rehabilitation philosophy with great success.

Plasterland Limited

For a luxurious interior look, it is essential that the walls have a perfect finish. At Plasterland, we provide you with the highest standard of gib stopping and plastering services. Our trained professionals offer superior quality of gib stopping to ceilings, walls that give interiors a perfect finish and ensures they last long. Our experienced professionals take extra care while plastering ceilings, so they don’t wear out easily and stay unshaken. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and double-check all the work done.

New Zealand

East Side Shutter Repairs

Are you looking for service providers to repair your windows, shutters or doors? East Side Shutter Repairs is one of the leading service providers, serving in Sth Eastern and Eastern Suburbs. If you are finding difficulty in opening/closing your electric shutter or if it is making a disturbing noise, we are here to help in all cases. With 27 years of experience in repairing, we provide the best customer service, thus ensuring durability.


Airport Taxi in Milton Keynes - Victoria Cab

Looking for an airport taxi in Milton Keynes? You have landed at the right page. At Victoria Cab, we offer cab services for airport passengers serving clients all across Milton Keynes. What you need to tell us is your pickup location and flight departure time, we will be there at your doorstep. We offer a reliable, comfortable and luxurious way to travel to the airport. No matter how many people, we offer an extensive range of cabs, including reliable shuttle bus services as well. We assure you of a prompt service as we are available 24/7.

United Kingdom

Party Catering in Perth - Perth Paella Parties

Why worry about catering services when you have the best caterers serving at your location? Whether you are planning to organise a corporate event or other celebrations, choose none other than Perth Paella parties for your next event to make your evening an unforgettable one. We understand the importance of cuisine, and therefore we offer an extensive range of cuisines to choose from. We aim at serving the best quality food to your guests along with the massive variety of tapas menus. Trust us and let us caters everything your guests are looking for.


Fast Cash Loans - Speckle

If you've run into some unexpected bills and can't afford to make ends meet at the moment, Speckle are here to help. We provide fast cash loans with low interest rates for amounts up to $2000, ideal for covering sudden medical expenses, tuition supplies, or car and home repairs. Applying for a loan with us is as simple as logging onto our website, and once you're approved, we'll get the money to you as quickly as possible. Getting a fast loan has never been as easy as it is with Speckle.


Miami Moving Guide

If you're planning on moving to Miami, you should ask experts to give you suggestions how to do that properly. Miami Moving Guide is just the right address for such a subject. We're glad to help people find their happiness in Miami. Writing our blog with relocation experiences from our clients, and our own is just the source of information you need. Being that you could repeat what was done properly, and to avoid what was the disaster during migration to Miami. Miami Moving Guide also offers the information on where in Miami should you move.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offers plenty of beauty procedures

Everyone has insecurities when it comes to their physical appearance, and that is why Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne was founded. They offer a wide range of treatments and procedures that were all designed to help enhance your natural beauty and make you feel comfortable in your skin.


Flossome Orthodontics

At Flossome Orthodontics, we put our patients needs and goals at the top of the list. Through our equipped state-of-the-art facility and the skillfulness of Dr. Cardenas and her staff, will transform you smile and correct malocclusion in reasonable time.

College Moving Deals

By using College Moving Deals information you may find on our blog, you’re providing yourself with high-quality moving hints and tips. If you read carefully everything we publish, you’ll be able to discover two sorts of facts. First, we give you suggestions on where you should move for a college. And second, College Moving Deals lets you know how to conduct the relocation to a college, avoiding potential obstacles. Also, there are suggestions and recommendations what to do in case some problem does appear.

United States

Frederick Roofers

A solid concrete roof protects us and our belongings from the harsh weather, and it adds beauty to our house. But, over the course of time, it starts degrading, which poses a high risk to our safety. Thus, it is crucial to properly maintain the shed and replace it immediately if there are any cracks. To meet these requirements, we at Frederick Roofs offer professional and quality roof repair and replacement services.

United States

Trans-Rak International

Welcome to Trans-Rak International. We specialise in providing safe, flexible racking systems for containerised car transport. We aim to optimize the loading of vehicles into containers through our engineered products. Our diverse product range includes R-Rak, El-Rak, DL-Rak, Wheel chocks, SKD-Rak and more. Our products are designed to fit all models and car sizes and to fit all container sizes. Our lightweight and easy-to-use products are available in form of in-container loading and exterior loading.

United Kingdom

Maryland Carpets

Carpets enhance the beauty of interiors, they brighten the space and glorify the look of your property. A single stain on the carpet is a stain on the overall interiors. Thus, it becomes imperative to get rid of those stubborn stains, and that’s where Maryland Carpets come into place. One of the highly recommended and preferred cleaners offering professional and affordable carpet cleaning in Ellicott City, Columbia, and neighboring areas.

United States

30 Bird

30Bird is the quality leader for ITIL certification training materials. With decades of experience, we deliver excellent, up-to-date content and hands-on labs on a wide variety of topics.

United States

Vessco Engineering Ltd

Are you looking for a reputed pressure vessel manufacturer? Welcome to Vessco Engineering Ltd. We specialise in designing and manufacturing pressure vessels and pressurised columns. We create the best quality vessels for the petroleum, nuclear power, water and petrochemical industries. We also produce shop-built carbon steel and stainless steel storage tanks and drums. Our product range also includes skid packages, heat exchangers, structural and general fabrication.

United Kingdom

CHF Deck Company

Make your home inviting with comfortable and stylish porches from CHF Deck CO. Our porch builders have years of experience in building high-quality screened porches. We create an impressive outdoor area where you can enjoy with your guests without worrying about pests and harsh weather. Our screen-tight porches are not only stunning but give you a professional finish that requires less maintenance. It is all because of our years of expertise, knowledge of high-quality materials, designing and construction.

United Kingdom

Australia's Livestock Exporters

Australia's Livestock Exporters is an Australian Dairy livestock export specialist. Our dairy livestock export company includes world-class exports from Australia into markets including the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and more.


Crowthorne Insurance Services Limited

Need bespoke motor trade insurance? Welcome to Crowthorne Insurance Services. We provide a range of affordable, specialist insurance policies for businesses and individuals. To give you bespoke cover that matches your requirements, we strive to select the best insurance products from the country’s leading providers. Our well-qualified team will act on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal at a sensible premium. We offer fast and effective services. We can take care of all the admin work on your behalf and provide full electronic documentation.

United Kingdom

Shared Office Space In Chennai

If you are setting up your own serviced Shared Office Space In Chennai,you won't have to spend hours applying for phone connections, Broadband etc. Imagine the time it takes for you to set up communications and IT facilities if you were to opt for a traditional workspace.